Sunday, June 3, 2012

Loving Wives

This category on Literotica always interests me so much.  For one, there are a large number of people who read in it that apparently hate the category.  It doesn't matter whether the husband is a wimp who eats cream pies or whether he's the instigator of a gang bang where he controls both his wife and his friends, people always freak out and complain.  The scores always work the opposite of my other stories too.

I've noticed that with most of my stories the score starts out fairly high and eventually gets lower, as people see it in the "Top" story section, read it and think "Well, it's not actually THAT amazing" and so give it a 4 or lower and eventually I settle somewhere in the 4.3 - 4.75 range (with an occasional 4.8-er that makes me feel all proud and gooshy).

Because I'm a curious kitty (and possibly a bit of a sucker for punishment) I love to write in the Loving Wives category and I like to try to do something different, just because I want to see how people will react. And, also, despite being married and having never cheated on anyone ever, it doesn't bother me to see it in a fantasy as long as both parties are consenting to the sharing of the spouse.  If it's just a straight up cheating story that makes it un-sexy to me, but it doesn't bother me if other people are indulging in the fantasy. It's just not mine.

I also think that I tend to have a rather open mind about this kind of thing... my husband and I have talked about having threesomes before, but the main problem is that neither of us is very good at sharing. However, the fantasy is there. I would be perfectly fine with having a threesome with another woman as long as she didn't touch my husband. But I'd prefer a threesome with another man, but again... not sure I'd be okay with him touching my husband in any way. And my husband has the same view. So it's something that we occasionally tease each other about but are never serious with.

But the fantasy of it... that's kind of hot. We keep it in our heads, and it occasionally makes its way into my stories.  Same with the swinging husbands and wives, as in Wife Swap.

I'm always curious if the people who feel compelled to come and trash every Loving Wives story have ever been cheated on, which would give me more sympathy for them, or if they're the cheaters and are trying to amorilate their sense of guilt by saying how awful it all is. 

Personally, I had a fun with my second House of Fantasy story about a husband who wanted to give his wife an experience with another man.  Since he'd been with other women before her, seeing turn about as fair trade. I also enjoyed making him somewhat jealous, but mostly turned on, and having him "reclaim" her at the end of it rather than wanting to see her do it more often. It's fun to play around with the tropes and try to do something unexpected.

What is not unexpected is the low story rating and the unconstructive criticism. However, reading what people who actually read the story think was, as always, actually quite interesting.  I love seeing how many different kinds of people there are in the world.

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