Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Oops & Updates

I should know better than to definitively state what I'm going to do at the end of a series before I get there.  Although, I did say "I think" I'll write three endings for Venus School and other little rejoinders like "most likely" and "probably."  Well, after finishing and submitting the second to last chapter yesterday I realized that's so not going to happen.  I got ahead of myself.

At this point, after Chapter 20, as I started work on Chapter 21, the final chapter, I realized that there was only one way I really felt like I could end this story and stay true to the characters... so my 'maybe three endings' and 'I'm probably going to write three endings' were all wishful thinking and that's not going to happen. Hopefully people will like the end and understand why when we get there!

So yeah. I've started working on the final chapter. Submitted Chapter 2 of Sarah's Private Dick, which I am really enjoying writing. There's just so much going on with her and Derrick's stories, and having them meet in the second chapter but playing tug of war with their feelings and attraction... it's a lot of fun. I think those two are going to take me for a bit of a ride.

And because I can't just spend all day writing for the same plots (although I wish I was better at focusing on them continuously until they're finished) I've also been working on the re-write of Allison's New Life, to follow up Forced Bet (the rewrite of Poker Loser) on Kindle. Yeah... so all those changes I made to the main storyline in Poker Loser, developing the characters further, giving them some more romance, making the storyline more engaging... yeah.  Holy crap did that make for some major changes with the second book.  So far I've done more completely new writing for the storyline than I have re-writing of what's on Literotica. Forced Bet was very different from Poker Loser in so many ways, but I still consider it a re-write. This is like writing an entirely new book.  So far I've used very little of my previously written material, there's a ton of new characters, a lot of new dynamics between the characters, and (just like with Forced Bet) a lot more romance.  I'm about halfway through it at the moment, and (according to my self-imposed deadlines =) I have until the end of this month to get it together. It's a bit of a demand... but fortunately I'm way far ahead of my self-imposed deadline for finishing Venus School. So that's good.

The other thing I've done today (since I'm still at home, my office building has no power thanks to the crazy storm that hit the East Coast last week) is start working on making a draft of a BDSM sex club, which is going to eventually appear in the Venus Rising series and also start off a new BDSM romance series that I'd like to write around the members of the club. So... lots of planning for the future and working on this for the present =)  Makes me feel good!

Now back to work!

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