Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Giveaway, From Terra Ch. 13, and a Story

Okay, so I am now at 300 Twitter followers and the Twitter giveaway for a free copy of Mastering Lexie has started =)  I'm also over 100 likes on my Facebook page!  You can go there to enter the Facebook Giveaway for a free copy of Mastering Lexie.  It's amazing how quickly my Facebook page went from 88 to 101 once I said there's a chance for free stuff =P LOL.  I'm okay with that though, I enjoy doing the giveaways and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy that there are so many people who want one!  By the way, if you haven't seen the GORGEOUS cover for the book yet, check out my previous blog post.

Chapter 13 of From Terra is now available on Literotica and Chapter 14 has already been submitted.  I had to edit chapter 13 because apparently my alien was too close to sounding like an animal instead of an alien which is why it took so long to come out.  Bah.  Whatevs.  I like the chapter.  And I'm super excited to see what people think of Chapter 14 because it's definitely the WEIRDEST creature I've ever utilized.  Chapter 15 should be fun and then I can't WAIT to get to chapter 16 when Lord Plath returns again!  =D  As much fun as I had being dark with Taken by the Wolf, I'm really enjoying doing something so fun and funny.  Chryssa entertains me so.  She's probably one of the most pragmatic characters I've ever had, and one of the most sensually greedy.  I'm thinking about doing more characters like her, since people seem to be responding to her.

So.  A little story.  I find it amusing, you may or may not, but people have indicated that they like knowing some of the little things that go on in my life.

Last night, I'm sitting on the couch with hubby and we finished catching up on Gotham (which I am LOVING!) and I didn't really have an opinion on what to watch next, so I toss the remote at him.  He looks at me with this kind of bewildered expression and holds up his hands, because he's holding a beer in one hand and a bag of chips in the other.  Waving his full hands up and down like he's doing a demented doggy-paddle, he looks at the remote which has landed on the couch next to him, and goes "Oh noooooooo."

At which point I bust up laughing and tell him "You look ridiculous."

He starts giggling (yes, actually giggling) which just makes me laugh harder and then I have a sudden thought.

"Oh my god... is this what being married to me feels like?"

Which just makes him start laughing as he nods YES.

Because that's the kind of shit I do to him aaaaaaaaaaall the time.  It was both weird and hilarious to be on the receiving end of that kind of ridiculousness.  Poor guy.  Can't imagine how he puts up with me.  LOL.


  1. I love moments like those. I've had a couple with my husband and they're always awesome.

  2. oohhh also had some moments manly at the table with my kids also...making happy memories is the best...