Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Now Available: Poker Loser Trilogy Bundle

I've been getting SO much work done on Pieces of Stronghold the past few days, it's making me super happy.  I'm really enjoying the different viewpoints and putting together the beginning of not one but TWO stories (because sometimes a love story requires more time than can be satisfactorily fit into a book) and I'm aiming to have that finished by the end of this month.

In the meantime... I spent all Sunday afternoon putting together the Poker Loser Trilogy Bundle.  I've noticed that a lot of other authors are doing this with their older books and I figured it might be a good idea; particularly for this series which isn't exactly a traditional romance.  In the future I'll also be putting together bundles for the Venus Quartet and the Domestic Discipline Quartet.   As I was putting together the bundle I also did some extra editing (and if you already have the Poker Loser Trilogy books, I updated those as well with the new edits... nothing major, just adding a sentence here or there and fixing any mistakes I saw).  A big thank you to RaineyCloud9 for the, as always, gorgeous bundle cover =)

Unfortunately, blogger is sucking and not letting me upload the picture.  But you'll see if when you click one of the links below:




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