Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Bunnies Everywhere!!!

Chasing His Bunny is now available on Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, AND Amazon =)  WOOT!  It's got a couple reviews up (Thank you SO MUCH reviewers!) and people seem to be enjoying it which makes me happy!  It's def a bit different from my usual, but I really had a blast writing it and I'm looking forward to working on the next installment.  If I had to say HOW they're different... I'd say they're a bit lighter and fluffier - like a bunny!

I've been a bit behind with updates about it, I know.  The busy work season has been kicking my butt, and even though it's slowing down now, my brain is still recovering.

In the meantime, I've been doing some edits to Undisciplined, taking lots of suggestions that my super helpful beta readers threw at me to make it more interesting =)  There's only one real spanking scene in it, since it's pre-Gabrielle & Felix's wedding, but it was still fun to write it from Gabrielle's POV.  I've just got one more scene to write before it's totally finished and I can submit it =D I'm SO excited to share it with everyone... even though it's kind of a shorter re-write of Philip's Rules, I'm hoping everyone will enjoy it anyway.  I've tried to include a LOT of new stuff, even though some scenes will be familiar and the dialogue is the same for those scenes.  There's all sorts of completely new scenes from both Gabrielle & Felix's point of views, and a lot of insight into both of them.

My cover artist, RaineyCloud9, is hard at work on the cover for Gabrielle's Discipline, which I'm hoping to have up for pre-order in early May for a June release date =)  Watch the blog for an Undisciplined teaser sometime next week!

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