Friday, November 11, 2016

New Dark Angel Release: Hebe - Little Amaya

I have another new release!

This one is only available on Amazon so that it can be read through Kindle Unlimited and is under my Dark Angel penname =)  It's the second book in the Planets Apart series and my first attempt at age-play!  I had a LOT of fun writing it and I hope you all enjoy reading it.  Let me know what you think!

Amaya has always felt deprived of a real childhood. Her parents were more interested in social status and their business than anything else, and she and her siblings were expected to fall in line. From watching her friends, Amaya knows her childhood wasn't normal and so when she reads about the prison planet Hebe where nonviolent criminals can choose to be sent, she's immediately interested. Hebe sounds like exactly what she wants - she can have a second childhood and still all the fun, sexy parts of being an adult.

Unfortunately for Amaya, she didn't read the fine print, and her new Papa and Nanny are much stricter than she ever imagined they would be. 

This book is approx. 45k words and contains spankings, age-play, lots of sex, paddling, caning, enemas, one stubborn little girl and one hot, alpha man with a soft spot.