Monday, December 12, 2016

Now Available for Pre-order! - Lydia's Penance

Lydia's Penance is now up for pre-order!!! That's right, I'm declaring that I'm GOING to have it finished and released on December 30, 2016 lol.

I figure that's a good release date so that people who don't have extra money before the holidays (like me!) will hopefully get gift cards to spend during them and will be able to jump on the special $2.99 pre-order price before the price goes up to $3.99 when it's released!

Pre-order is only available on Amazon; Barnes & Noble and Smashwords readers will have a special $2.99 price for the first week after release before the price goes up =)

When her home situation becomes unlivable, Lydia hopes to escape through a marriage and her qualifications for her new husband are not long. She's not looking for love, passion, or even fidelity but just a man who won't abuse her. When she overhears the Duke of Manchester declare to his brother that he doesn't care who he weds, it seems like her prayers are answered. The Duke is powerful enough to protect her, has a reputation as a good and honorable man, and doesn't care who he marries. Unfortunately she's a too-old bluestocking with nothing to tempt a duke into wedding her, and desperate times call for desperate measures.

When Isaac finds himself trapped into marriage with a grey-eyed beauty who used underhanded and dishonorable means to secure his hand, at first he's not quite sure what to think. His new wife is a study in contradictions and, even worse, she's keeping secrets. His carefully controlled world is making less and less sense, and his duchess is spending more time over his lap - in a distinctly un-fun manner - than he would like. 

Lydia wasn't looking for love, but the more she comes to know her husband, the more her own feelings grow for him.

Isaac could never trust a woman who trapped him, but what if she had good reasons for doing so? What if, despite her secrets, he fell in love with her?


  1. Looking forward to reading it, sure it will be as good as your other books as well. Also, for UK people the link is

  2. Throwing out a loving reminder to include the who's-who cheat sheet.. please!