Monday, April 8, 2019

April Rambles

It's been a while since I've rambled!

This year is already not shaping up quite the way I expected it to, so I figured I was due for one =P

Baby brain is real! I love my Little Fuss but man does my brain not work the way it used to. My writing has slowed down a little bit because of that and so I already know I'm not going to manage to do all the books that I wanted to this year but I'm going to do my best.

I think I'm also a little anxious this year because I wrapped up not one, but two series, last year which means two new starts! And even though they're spin-offs and worlds that I love, it's a little daunting to be starting two totally new storylines. I'll be honest though - those probably aren't going to come out until the fall. This summer I'm busy doing a few box sets that I was invited to do...

And I've already decided NO more box sets or extra projects for myself this year outside of the ones I've already agreed to! It's so much fun but I feel like it's also become a way for me to delay working on my own stuff, because I'm nervous about it. On the other hand, one of my extra projects that I'm doing this year (and is my current WIP!) is one of those author goals I've had for a couple years now and which I did NOT think I would be able to check off my list any time soon. It'll be coming out in June I believe, so keep your eyes peeled for stuff about that! (Or join my private facebook group for exclusive hints and teasers)

I'm also just a little over a month away from my first ever traditionally published book! What's the diff between Marriage Training and my other books? Well, it's being done through a publisher instead of on my own =) Cleis Press is the largest independent sexuality publisher in the US and have TONS of fantastic books available for all sexual preferences. I'm thrilled to be working with them and I'm definitely hoping to do more in the future! I *almost* feel like a real author now lol. I always thought having a traditionally published book would do it, and it turns out... it almost does.

At this rate, I actually have no idea what will make me feel like a *real* author, but I'm okay with being kept humble too... makes me work harder =P

As for my indie stuff... *sigh* I have so much I want to do this year. I'm super excited I managed to get both Polar Bear and Honey Badger out so far. My brain is a little like "OMG what did you make me do?!" but hey - I got them done! And thank goodness for beta readers, because they kept me from going totally off the rails. I have tons of self-doubt post-baby, because I can tell my brain isn't quite working on the level that it was pre-baby (and pre-pregnancy) and so I keep freaking out about stuff that I never worried about before. So that's fun.

I'm not going to give any release dates but here's what I would LOVE to be able to publish this year (and we'll see how well I do lol)

- current WIP project (to be announced soooon!)
- two Daddy Dom box sets (these are definitely getting done because I've already committed lol)
- Venus Wedding (the grand finale epilogue to both the Venus Rising Quartet and the Stronghold Doms series)
- Planets Apart book 3 for Sinistre Ange
- First Marquis book
- First book in new so far unnamed (feel free to suggest some) Victorian series

That's what I think I might actually be able to realistically do this year... hopefully...

Lee and I are also going to try to get the second Tsenturion Masters book out at some point.

If I somehow have time beyond that (I'm literally laughing at myself for even thinking this), other projects I'd love to start releasing soon -

- Expanded short story from Dark Tales to a full book (Sinistre Ange)
- RomCom BDSM series
- Vampire RH series
- Omegaverse series (Sinistre Ange)
- Steampunk trilogy

Ya'll... I have issues. LOL.

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