Thursday, January 3, 2013

Original Outline: Being the Maid

I was talking to my husband about how much my longer stories change from when I first write the outline till when I get to the end.  Especially when I'm writing a book, my outlines go through many, many changes, which I often mention on my blog.  He said I should put up the outlines on my blog, because people might be interested in seeing how the story changed from my first conception of it to the actual finished product.  I thought that was a pretty cool idea. Unfortunately I don't have the original outlines (or even the second outlines) for any of the Venus stories, I tend to throw the old outlines away - although I'll probably stop doing that now and just post them on my blog later if you guys indicate that you like reading the outlines.

What I do have is the original outline for Being the Maid.  This is exactly what I wrote down in my little notebook of ideas, word for word. I didn't ever write a new outline, despite the changes that it went through and the fact that the actual story diverged greatly from the outline that I originally wrote, so I only have the one outline to share. But I think it might interest some people to see just how different the final product ended up being from my first thoughts about how it would go, as the characters and story developed. Personally, I'm much happier with the way things ended up going than I would have been if I'd forced myself to stick to the outline... that's just how writing goes sometimes.

So here we are... the way it was supposed to happen:

1. Maid & Lady are captured by 4 bandits. Leader (sadist) takes the Lady, other 3 get the maid. Garrett, handsome, almost caring, smart and charismatic. Blaine, indifferent to her, uses her. Samuel, almost as sadistic as leader, doles out any punishments. The 3 use her until they're sated - she also sees some of her lady's ordeal & tends to her after.

2. Lady takes out anger on her. Morning starts with Sam using her. Garrett tends to her body, confusing her. The men agree to take turns of nights with her. Blaine gets her first.

3. Night with Samuel.

4. Night with Garrett.

5. Her lady tries to escape - trades places with her maid for a night.

6. Same and Blaine go on a mission, leaving her with Garrett for two nights.

7. Sam and Blaine return and use her hard.

8. Garrett goes on a mission - makes his fortune, decides to leave bandits but wants to take her with him. Fight breaks out, ends with Samuel and leader dead. Garrett takes her and Blaine takes lady. They travel and consider escape but have nowhere to go. Garrett treats her like a lady, her mistress is getting jealous.

9. Lady tries to seduce Garrett, maid realizes she's jealous because she has feelings for him, runs. Garrett hunts her down, makes her confess. They separate from Lady & Blaine and head off for a new life together.

And that's Being the Maid. At least, the way it started off. It's amazing how much characters can change a storyline once they start really settling into their own identities.


  1. Wow that's amazing. I have a question though, when did you decide that Samuel would be under the control of Garrett's father?

    1. About a line before I wrote it LOL. That was one of those spur of the moment things. I realized after Chapter 3 that Samuel was becoming a favorite and Blaine was losing favor with me... I'd expected to like him more. It wasn't until Garrett relied on Samuel while he went away that I realized that was more to Samuel than just what I'd seen on the surface though.

    2. Hahaha nice! Although I'm not sure if I like the serious roughness to Samuel, I agree that he was a better character than Blaine. Blaine seemed more like he was on drugs and as long as he got his fix, along with some sex, he didn't care :p

    3. Haha that's a good way to view Blaine... he ended up being a lot less interesting than I thought he would be.

      To be honest I thought that Samuel's roughness would be too much for some people, I was rather surprised when readers started seeing him as a kind of anti-hero... but at the same time I could see the appeal. There's something in the chase that's extremely compelling for fantasies =)