Sunday, January 13, 2013

Witch Ch. 3

YAY! Chapter 3 of Witch came out yesterday. Made me happy. Took it awhile! =)  Some people might not enjoy how hardcore/brutal it becomes by the end, but there's reasons for it... and those who do enjoy it should be warned that Ch. 4 probably isn't going to have anything nearly that rough. So far it's not looking like it anyway. I'm enjoying finishing out the story.

Last night I went out for the first time ever wearing a skirt and no panties. I was wearing a garter and stockings.  For ladies who contemplate it... I will say it was a little scary and made me feel really sexy. Although attaching the garter belt to the stockings was a major PITA.  Took me 20 minutes. Pretty worth it for how it made me feel though =) And I was wearing a knee length skirt that had NO chance of flipping up cuz it wasn't loose enough around the thighs to be capable of doing so, which also helped with my confidence in my attire (or lack thereof).  Sometimes it's fun to be a little naughty. Helps me think of things to work into my stories.

Someone asked me what I do when I have writer's block.  To be honest, that's usually why I'm working on more than one story at a time. I can usually just move over to a different story, work on that for awhile, and when I come back to the story that blocked me I have a whole new vantage point. If I find that I'm blocked from ALL of my stories that usually means that I'm just not in the mood to write, so I'll try reading. And then that usually gives me a new vantage point to return to my writing from. Very occasionally I'll bitch about it out loud to someone until I think of something new, but for the most part I don't have anyone IRL who reads my stuff so when I get blocked and do that it's more of me venting and talking to myself. It's not my usual tactic for getting around the block.

Anyway. Hopefully I'll have the last chapter of Witch done soon so that I can start on Marriage Training!


  1. Well I, for one, would love to see that...!


  2. Just finished reading witch (all three parts, because I guess I skipped it before) and despite the evil in it I am enjoying how it is going. keep writing and let us know when 4 is ready!!