Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Angel Whispers

Angel Whispers is actually a scent from Glade, although I don't think they make it anymore.  But it always made me giggle.

I'm currently thinking about writing a humor & satire piece about Twilight, which led me back to some of the previous H&S pieces I've written because I wanted to see how I did those... which led me back to the ones I'd written in conjunction with drksideofthemoon aka The Bri-Guy.  Made me laugh and also made me think about how many of the stories I've written have something behind them that no one knows about.  I figured that a blog is kind of a place where people share little things like that, so here are some of mine...

All of the Angel / Tonya / Bri-Guy (Angel to the Rescue, Impotent Bri-Guy, Angel Rescues Majestic Wang,  stories started with drksideofthemoon, whose hilariously brilliant mind I was never quite able to match but I truly enjoyed trying.  Majestic Wang is actually what I call my husband's penis. (This was back before we were married when we had just started dating).  Drksideofthemoon and I had a pretty good email correspondence going for awhile but we sadly lost touch years ago, around the same time he stopped having as much time for writing.  Still kinda miss having that back and forth.  These pieces often contained bits of my real life or some of my thoughts behind the stories that I've written, it's kind of interesting how that kind of stuff comes out easier in the humor/satire stuff.

You may notice that there are a couple names that pop up on a regular basis in my stories, those being Doug and Michael/Mike.  Doug was a reader that I had a long-time correspondence with, literally over years, before we sadly lost touch as well.  I tried to see if his email still worked last year but it didn't which made me sad.  He was kind of like a pervy big brother to me and he liked to see his name in stories, so I would often use it, especially for stories that I thought he'd particularly enjoy.  Michael/Mike is a guy that I had a crush on for yeaaaaaars.  Strangely there was some pretty heavy sexual tension between us despite the fact that we're both submissive in the bedroom.  Have you ever tried to see two submissives getting it on?  Let me give you a clue: they don't.  They just flirt a LOT and wish the other one would just freaking take charge. LOL.  I still like including the name in my writing, it's just kinda gotten to be a habit with me.

River Walkers is actually about him, my fantasy of a day that I spent with him.  It's all true up until the characters actually start getting it on.

So... I got really addicted to Sims when I was in college.  I would make neighborhoods full of all my friends and then I'd make bad things happen to the people that I didn't like.  I can't tell you how hard I tried to get my pet dragon to eat my friend's girlfriend that I hated (for good reason... we're no longer friends because she doesn't believe in him having friends outside of family, especially not female friends. grr).  Eventually I moved on to putting some of these characters into my stories.  They never get happy endings.  I also have a few ex-friends that have made it in the same way, either by using their first name or making a character look like them.  The titty torturer started out that way I'm ashamed to say.  I have to say though, it's extremely cathartic.

I have a minor obsession with Greek mythology, which is why there are so many of those.  That's pretty straightforward.

Ouija Nightmare was inspired by my rampant fear of Ouija boards.  Okay, maybe rampant fear is an over exaggeration, but they creep me the eff out.  I was also the kid who was afraid of mirrors cuz of that darn "Blood Mary" kids game (turn around three times with your eyes closed in the dark in the bathroom saying "Bloody Mary" each time and she'll appear in the mirror in front of you). 

So yeah.  Those are some of my Angel Whispers.  Hope you enjoyed getting a peek into the dark side ;)


  1. Angel,

    I am a new reader, having just discovered erotica BDSM and the like and I like it! I read the Venus series and LOVED it and have been reading your stories in literotica.

    I loved this post, it is so nice to know a little about what goes on behind the stories. Thank you for it! Anyway just wanted to say hi.


    1. Hello to you too!!! I'm so glad that you like my work and have taken the time to check out my blog =)

      Venus is definitely one of my favorite things that I've written, even more so because I got to continue it in Kindle form and now it ended up spawning a separate series. I just can't really get away from it! I like the characters too much LOL