Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New Story: After Bedtime Ch. 2

So, literally after years of requests, I've finally started writing some more chapters to After Bedtime.  I never intended it to be a chapter story - I wrote it because I had to write Incest/Taboo for the Survivorphile contest and although I made the father a step-father, it could be considered almost an age-play story or even a Daddy-Dom story, although mostly age-play.  Even though I didn't know what that was at the time that I wrote it.

At any rate, people have been asking me for years to write more on it - despite the fact that it never got that red H denoting hotness.  Recently I got an email from yet another fan informing me that they have been waiting 8 years for a follow-up.

Well, I've been waiting longer than that for Melanie Rawn to finish her damn Exiles of Ambrai trilogy and I immediately felt bad for causing someone that kind of frustration.  Even though I never said that I would be writing more for After Bedtime, I could definitely see where people would probably think that I would since I referenced future events.

Chapter 2 is now available and I should be submitting Chapter 3 sometime this week.  There will be a total of four chapters.  This is not going to be a plot heavy series, I'm not planning on rounding it out to some kind of real romantic conclusion, I just wanted to give the people who asked a little bit more when it came into peeking into Kara and Daddy's life.  It also means that the writing goes MUCH faster since I don't have to concentrate on plot... it's kind of nice to take a break from my other writing in order to work on it.  Kind of like picking up a good Harlequin after reading a bunch of Bronte.

Speaking of my other work... I submitted another chapter of Marriage Training which should hopefully be out sometime this week.  Lit seems to take a while to publish lately so no guarantees on when.  I've been doing some major trucking when it comes to Dealing With Discipline, I think I'm about a third of the way through and looking to finish it up by the beginning of July, and yesterday I finished chapter 3 of Stronghold so I'm doing pretty good there too!  Makes me happy to feel like I'm getting so much done!

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