Thursday, December 5, 2013

Little Spurts

I submitted the second chapter of Taken by the Wolf on Tuesday, so it's likely that it'll be out either this weekend or early next week.

Still working hard on Seduction by Spanking and the next work for Dark Angel... if I'm lucky both will be coming out sometime in January / February.

I'm also working on trying to get my stuff out on the Nook - both the Poker Loser Trilogy and the Venus Rising Quartet are now available there!  The two books that are out in the Domestic Discipline Quartet will be coming soon.  Please leave a review if you have a minute!

There's fresh ginger in our fridge.  I'm super tempted to get hubby to try out figging on me but also kind of scared to.  That's half the fun though isn't it?

Considering creating a Facebook page but I don't know if anyone would friend me LOL. 

Going away this weekend for some TLC alone time with hubby for his birthday.  YAY!  So probably won't be updating the blog again till next week unless I see that the next chapter of Wolf has come out, but since I don't think I'll have internet that may or may not be happening.

Ok. Time to get my ass in gear and get to the day job.  I wish I was still a student so that I could spend all summer vacation writing.


  1. So...the ginger?

    1. Still working up the courage to bring it up to him LOL.

  2. *taps fingers and sighs*