Wednesday, April 23, 2014

All Sorts of Stuff

Okay... so, my busy season at work is now over and I am in recuperation mode.  Seems like last year it took me less time to recuperate... but then again last year's busy season wasn't quite as crazy for me!  Plus, I didn't exactly have a restful weekend because I went to AwesomeCon in DC (similar to ComicCon but all things nerdy instead of focusing on comics... although there were lots of those too).  And I had a freaking blast.  Nothing more validating than dressing up as a superhero and seeing the kid reaction because you've got a particularly good costume - although the adults were pretty excited too.  I actually had a guy fan-girl over my outfit even though he was in line to meet an ACTUAL celebrity.  Pretty validating stuff =D

At any rate... an update on all things writing!

I'm about halfway through the next chapter of Taken by the Wolf and I'm almost done with chapter 14 of Taming the Tease =) So I feel like I'm on track to finish the former by the end of this week and have even more done with the latter.  Yay!  I'm trying REALLY hard to get Tease out at the end of this month/beginning of next month.  Things are going well, the characters are (at the moment) cooperating, so it's just a matter of plowing through the work!

Venus Aspiring is talked about and has an excerpt on Blak Rayne's blog, thanks to Jacqueline George of Yellow Silk Dreams.

Marriage Training got third place in the Clitorides Awards for Best BDSM story of the year.

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And there are still a couple autographed copies of Venus School available =)  So if you're interested, check out my previous blog post on how to get one!


  1. Got any pics of you in your costume?

    1. I put one up on my facebook page to try and tempt people to "like" it ;)