Saturday, April 26, 2014

Taken by the Wolf Ch. 20

I know it's been a really long time, but the newest chapter of Taken by the Wolf is now out! 

Things got pretty crazy for me IRL for a while.  Not just busy season, but also putting together my cosplay outfit for AwesomeCon in DC.  First time I've ever cosplayed and I'm totally going to have to work it into one of my stories.  Someone's gonna be doing cosplay! hahahaha. 

Anyway... I'm getting really close to the end of Taken by the Wolf!  Less than 10 chapters to go!  Kind of crazy really, how long this story has become.  I'm having fun with it though.  I love seeing people's theories - esp cuz rarely does anyone get anything right, although sometimes I get better ideas off of their theories than what I had before.  Makes me feel good since I like being able to surprise people with my storylines. 

I am trying to chug through Taming the Tease, focusing more on that than Taken by the Wolf since I'd REALLY like to get it out during May, preferably during the first two weeks of May.  *sigh*  Still have a bit of a ways to go on that one, but so far it's going really well and I've gotten a fair amount of work done on it over this past week now that I'm back in the writing groove, so that's something!

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