Thursday, May 22, 2014

New Release: Taming the Tease

YAY!  Finally Rick Winter gets his girl!!!!

Isn't that a gorgeous cover?  Huge thank you to RaineyCloud9 - by designer Crystal Raine for putting it together!!!  I freaking love it. 

Taming the Tease is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords!

Rick Winter is tired of playing empty scenes with submissives, only to return home alone. He wants what he sees his friends getting - a real relationship with submissives who love them. Unfortunately, since his move to be closer to his friends and Stronghold, the kink club he goes to, the only woman that's really sparked his interest not only isn't a submissive, she's his neighbor. Since he's always had strict rules for himself about not becoming entangled with women that he can't avoid (just in case things go badly), Rick's doing his best to ignore the distractingly gorgeous and curvy Maria.

Maria Arias is the oldest of four sisters; the middle two are married and her baby-sister just got engaged. That doesn't bother her though, what bothers her are the assumptions everyone else seems to have about how it SHOULD bother her. She's just looking for some fun and maybe a few hot nights when she meets her sexy new neighbor, but he's staying aloof - mostly. After a series of mixed-signals, and one very clear warning to stay away from him, this vanilla tease is about to find out what happens when she flirts with a Dom who demands more than just a casual affair.

Taming the Tease is the second book in the Stronghold series and contains erotic content, anal play, orgasm denial, all sorts of sass and lots of hot alpha-males.

As usual... this will also begin  my begging for reviews ;)  If you like the book, if you don't like the book... (but mostly if you like the book ;) the most wonderful thing you can do for me is write a review!!! =)  I hope you all enjoy!


  1. Yessss!!!! I've been dying for Ricks book since the series began!!! Can't wait to start it!