Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mayday May Day!

I love May.  I love spring.  I love warm weather.  I especially appreciate that after days of downpours, so far there's been no sign of rain in my area.  Seriously, I was ready to start the ark building.

The first week of May is always particularly good.  There's May Day (May 1), May the Fourth Be With You (May 4), and Cinco de Mayo (May 5) which is also No Pants Day and my friends and I celebrate that the first weekend of May with party.  It's been a while since I've been to one of the parties, but I'm going this year.  I'll try to post a pic to my Facebook since I'm doing Facebook now =P

Pretty much all of my writing focus is on Taming the Tease.  Rather than being ahead of schedule, I'm now on schedule with it.  It'll be out this month.  I'm hoping to finish it as quickly as possible, and right now I'm on a major writing binge and having no trouble focusing my attention completely on it.  Which means Taken by the Wolf is getting a bit neglected, but that happens sometimes.  Yesterday I hit the 80k word mark for Tease.  Most of my books end up being 100k - 120k, so that should give you a good marker about where I am in the process =)  I'm not even going to try to predict how many chapters I have left to finish though.  The good thing is, Maria and Rick are much more cooperative than Angel and Adam were.  I've only needed to re-write the outline once, which was pretty exciting.  Some stuff has been added to it, but that mostly has to do with other characters.

Sooooo let's see... what can I tell faithful blog readers about Taming of the Tease?  Cuz I feel like blog readers should get an extra insight, as a thank you for keeping up with me and reading my posts =)  Having the blog and knowing that people read it and are interested in my stuff is a big part of what keeps me motivated to write, so I like to try and show my appreciation by giving you all little extras.  Here's a couple thinks about the upcoming book to tease you with ;)

1.  There's some debate about who the tease actually is: Rick or Maria (although right now it might just be me ;)

2.  Someone's going to get engaged.

3.  Someone's going to get their nipples pierced.

4.  Someone's going to get kicked in the balls.

5.  Several someones are going to get rip-roaring drunk and confrontational.

And by someone, I don't mean new characters.  All these someones are either Rick, Patrick, Andrew, Jared, Olivia, Lexie, Jessica, Hilary, Angel, Adam, Justin, Chris, Liam, or Leigh.

That's my tease for today!  Happy May Day!


  1. Yeah... I do think the tease is you!!!! LOL thank you for the post and I am looking forward to the book, I loved the little snippets you posted and I already love Maria and the fact that she a bigger girl!!!! so awesome!!!!!

    Thank you for the very teasing update!!!


    1. Thanks! =) I'm working hard on it! Getting a lot done... just gotta keep it up!

  2. Ooh I hope those nipple piercings are for Lexie! Not only do they suit her but Patrick's reaction would be priceless!! But I hate to see one of our domly types take it in the cajones. Maybe instead that could be Olivia kicking Marissa in the girly parts before Jared kicks her to the curb??

    Gah! I was already so amped up for this one and now I'm even more impatient. LOL hurry up chick! :)

    1. Hahaha trust me, the cajones scene is one of my favorite parts =D And it's probably not what you're thinking.

  3. Yes G. Angel you are the bigger tease! So can't wait.

    1. I'm wishing truck stop could get kicked in the proverbial balls and out of Jared's life. Can't wait to read it.