Friday, February 20, 2015

Hints About Stronghold


This past week is basically one big blur, during which I got very little done thanks to what was probably the worst winter cold I've had in years.   I'm still not 100%, although I'm a lot better than I was.  It's been a rough week.

There is some good news though... I think I'm two chapters away from finishing my Dark Angel novella... it might even be just one chapter and an epilogue away =)  Which is definitely exciting!  I don't think I'll have it out before February is over, but I should def be done by the beginning of March!  After that, I'll be starting work on the Stronghold novella, which omgoodness I'm getting so excited about!  The fact that I didn't have the energy to write this week means that all my creative juices have been stewing like mad and I've had so many ideas for the novella!!!!

Since I don't have anything better to write about (since I haven't gotten any more work done on Marriage Training or Homeschooled this week), I'm going to give you all a little sneak peek about some of the things I'm planning for the novella...

- First of all, I'm not sure Jake's going to get a POV.  There's already a lot going on in this novella, but he is going to eventually get his own novella, and we will, of course, be getting to know him better through the eyes of the rest of the group.

- Olivia teaching a class of newbie Doms... because the best way to learn is to experience things firsthand (like what a flogger feels like)

- Patrick's got a new toy in the club, a Sybian, and one of our couples is going to test it out for him.

- Someone's ex is going to be causing serious division among the group

- Lexie's struggling a bit with the whole 24/7 submitting thing, especially when what she wants doesn't exactly line up with what Patrick wants

- Jess is determined to have it out with Justin and Chris about their excluding her from their discussions about where their relationship is going

- A closer glimpse at both Master Michael and Ellie

- Jared and Leigh's first date... or is it a date?  Or just a hangout?  Can a first date be a first date if it's perfect and romantic but doesn't end with a first kiss?

So yeah... hopefully that all sounds intriguing to you all =)  Otherwise, well, I'm screwed LOL.  Lexi Blake, one of my favorite authors, had a facebook post earlier this week when her latest release came out, asking if there were other authors who had 20+ books out that still got nervous that no one was going to buy the new one.  Which, I am definitely one of those.  I'm always afraid that my latest idea is terrible and people either aren't going to buy it, or are going to buy it and return it and leave 1 star, angry reviews about how terrible it was.  Constant author fear.


  1. Ooooh so many exciting things!!! I am glad you are feeling better, take care of yourself girl!!!!!! I love all those POV's and I love that there are struggles. Its one thing I love about your writing, no epic action adventure, just everyday life with a lot of fun, some twists and a lot of loving (kinky and otherwise).

    Looking forward to it all!!!!


    1. LOL I mean, one day I would like to write some epic action, but there are so many of those out there that I always end up yearning for some regular-day romances, and so that's what I tend to write for right now =) It makes me happy.