Monday, March 2, 2015

Being a Busy Bee

I can't believe it's March!  YAY!  Means I'm about a month and a half away from my schedule going back to normal when I'll be able to write more.  I'm also finally not sick as a dog - I'm like 90% healthy at this point I think.  So close to being totally good again!!!!

I spent this past weekend doing little things for the writing... the Poker Loser trilogy has new covers (and I just realized that I need to update them on their blog page).  Amazon is being slow about getting them up, but Barnes & Noble and Smashwords has them.  Thank you RaineyCloud9 for doing such a gorgeous job!  She and I have also been talking about the next two Stronghold covers, after which she will be retiring from doing my covers, which makes me super sad, but she's been a phenomenal help and I'm so thankful for all the amazing covers she's done for me.

Venus Desiring is going to be available as a paperback soon, and hopefully Venus Transcendent won't be too far behind.  Once they're all out, I'll probably do some kind of giveaway.

In the meantime, I am SO CLOSE to finishing Hathor: Milking Meggie (that's what I've decided to call it), the first book of the Worlds Apart series.  That's for my Dark Angel penname.  Pretty excited about it because it's the first totally new story that I've done for Dark Angel, the others have all been based off of Lit stories.

Speaking of Lit stories, I had another author feel inspired by my Witch series on Lit that she emailed me, asking if she could write a story that popped into her head as she was reading it.  I'm super flattered to know that my work inspired someone else's, because I'm inspired by others all the time.  The first chapter is now available and I really enjoyed reading it, and seeing both the similarities and the differences between our stories.  Check out A Tale of Revenge on Lit if you get a chance.

If you're curious about what's going on with Stronghold, check out the previous blog post... I put up a lot of hints about what's coming up in the next novella =)  Pretty excited about it!  I'm looking forward to really sinking my teeth into it as soon as I finish these last two chapters of Hathor!

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