Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Awesome Weekend & Upcoming Stuff

I had the most incredible weekend... We had an amazing time at AwesomeCon.  I got to go to panels for Alex Kingston (Doctor Who's River Song) and George Takei, I stared at multiple celebrities in their booths like they were gerbils in a cage, I walked right past John Rhys-Davies and didn't make a fool of myself (could have totally touched him if he hadn't had two bodyguards), met and took a picture with Alex Kingston and Arthur Darvill (another Doctor Who actor - Rory!) who complimented us on our Cosplay (and subsequently rendered me speechless because of how complimentary they were when I was already mired in an epic struggle not to hardcore fangirl all over them) and had lots and lots of people taking pictures of us.

Conventions make me happy.  I just love all the people coming together and enjoying the same epic nerdy things.  I also love to cosplay.  Only about 10% of the people who show up to conventions are actually cosplaying and it's kind of like becoming a mini-celebrity.  And... well... theater person.  I'm an attention whore, what can I say?  It's also awesome to be recognized for working really hard on something, and we def worked hard on all our outfits.

Only 3 months till the next Con!

Eventually I'd love to make it to a romance convention.  It's not quite the same, cuz no cosplay, but I bet it's a lot of fun =)

So now that the weekend is over... it's back to work on writing!!!!  I've had a couple of family / friend issues pop up this past week (everyone's okay, mostly), so I can definitively say, there won't be a pre-order for Pieces of Stronghold (sorry for the false alarm) but it will definitely be out on June 15.  So there's that at least!

In between editing, I'm also going to be working on getting the last chapter of Homeschooled out on Lit (I know, it's been forever).  After that I'll be moving on to the reader requests for Lit =)

I need a break from Stronghold to let things percolate before starting on Breaking the Chain, so I'm going to be finishing Marriage Training for the publisher (unfortunately that process is a lot longer so it will still be a while before it's available to read) and starting my next Victorian domestic discipline series.

Hugh and Eleanor's cousin, Phillip Stanley, the Marquess of Dunbury, is quite inspired by his cousins' recent marriages.  After all, as the only child of his deceased parents, he needs to secure his own line and title with an heir, and having met with Hugh and Hugh's friends, he's realized that he could have a similar marriage, which would suit him much more than the usual bloodless ton alliance.  At a house party, he meets Cordelia Astley, the Dowager Baroness Hastings.  She's young, beautiful and shy, and in desperate need of a protector as her late husband's heir has tossed her and her step-daughter to the wayside with very little in the way of funds to support them.  Not only that, but, as the third wife to her late husband and coming from the middle class for her dowry rather than her social status, she's rather trampled on by her demanding and selfish step-daughter, Gabrielle.  Phillip is entranced by her sweet and submissive personality, her need for someone to bolster her confidence and courage, and he's sure he knows just the man who will be able to take her step-daughter in hand.

So there's all that to look forward to!  In the meantime, hopefully I'll be getting my newsletter and website up and running before the Pieces of Stronghold release, but either way, I'll be updating the blog on the regular =)

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