Friday, June 5, 2015

Homeschooled Ch. 10

I know it's been a while since I've posted anything for Lit... it took me a while to finish this chapter while I was scrambling with Pieces.  Now that I'm editing, I've got more time for writing other stuff and I finally finished the Homeschooled series for Lit.  YAY!  This means that, when it comes to my free stories, I can finally move on to reader requests =)  Those of you who have made requests have all been VERY patient with me about waiting.  No I'm not sure whose request is going to get done first, but I will work my way through all of them before starting on a new series.

I feel really good about having finished some of the stories that I started, literally, almost a decade ago.  Granted, there are still more that need to be finished, but it feels good to have done some of them (and finish my New Years Resolution from last year LOL).  I am also looking forward to the short brain break for me, since the reader request stories will all be standalone shorts instead of chapter stories, which means I don't have any plot or anything to keep track of.  Which is nice.  My brain needs a bit of a break while I figure out changes for Marriage Training and also start a new series, and have the Stronghold series percolating.

Only ten more days before Pieces of Stronghold will be released!  I'm so super excited =)  Editing is going really will and I'm making some small changes to the story (in addition to grammatical corrections) that were made by the beta readers, and overall I'm really happy with what it's turning into.  Keeping track of all the different POVs was hard sometimes, but the end result is def worth it.  Plus it was fun to go back and visit with some old and friendly faces. =)  Hilary and Liam have a chapter, so do Lexie and Patrick, and Jessica, Chris and Justin have the second to last chapter.  There are a couple of new perspectives as well, but I gotta keep some mystery involved so I'm not going to reveal those =D  Obviously Jared and Leigh get the most chapters.  Everyone shows up though, at one point or another, even if they didn't get a chapter from their POV.

Anyway... In my previous blog post I also mentioned what the next series I'm starting will be.  It's kind of a spin-off of the Domestic Discipline Quartet, and those characters will make occasional cameos so we'll get to see how they're doing, but overall this new series will be entirely new characters.  It's going to be the Bridal Discipline Series and the first book will be called Phillip's Rules.  =)   Super excited about it!

But, currently, not as excited about it as I am about Pieces of Stronghold coming out!  I can't WAIT to get reader reactions... I won't lie, I became a little bit of a $hit-stirrer...  and I'm dying to know what people think.  WOOT!!!

I'll be posting a last teaser sometime next week, so keep an eye out for that =D

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