Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Bad Angel! (and a teaser)

Holy crap I've been a bad girl about blogging this month!

My only excuse is that I've had a lot going on, so I kept forgetting to update the blog.  I did get out a newsletter though!  With a special, super long, teaser from Breaking the Chain.  If you want to get the newsletter, and those fun little extras which you can't get anywhere else, you can sign up at my website -

It's still under construction but it's looking good!  I've decided to have the wonderful woman who originally designed it for me both finish it and do the upkeep because it was taking time away from me that I would really rather use for more writing.  That I NEED for more writing.  Ugh.

I'm a bit behind on Breaking the Chain.  It's just not coming quite as quickly as I would have liked it to.  I'm still trying for November 15th, but it's more likely to be a December 15th release date.  After that, I'm going to start on book 2 of the Bridal Discipline series, although that won't be out till the Spring.  In the meantime, I'm going to do a couple of Dark Angel releases, which are actually re-writes of stories I've already done for Literotica... these are easier for me to do because I'm not writing a whole new story.  Since I'll be super busy at my day job starting in January, I figured that was a good way to keep releasing material even though I'll be slower at writing the main stuff.

Anyway.  Here's a teaser from Breaking the Chain... and keep an eye out for the cover reveal which is coming soon =)

What have I gotten myself into?!
Even though she’d literally just asked Jared for this, Leigh couldn’t help the feelings of uncertainty and doubt that were creeping through her.  Now that she was being faced with the reality of a spanking, his big hands and strong arms suddenly didn’t seem quite so fascinating.  Scary was more like it.  He looked up at her, calm and implacable as he patted his leg again, indicating where she was to drape herself across him for her spanking.
But with her pants down?
“You can keep your underwear on,” he said, as if reading her mind – or maybe her consternation was just that easy to read, “but a spanking over jeans doesn’t do much good, so they need to come off.”
"Right," she muttered, slightly sarcastically as she fumbled with the button for her jeans.  Because the fabric was just sooooooooo thick. 
Am I seriously doing this?!
It appeared that she was.  Blushing furiously, she quickly shoved down her jeans to her knees and practically threw herself across Jared's lap.  Not that she really minded him seeing her in her underwear, but these weren't exactly the circumstances that she'd pictured it happening.  It was more embarrassing than sexy to be stripped down to her panties... a little exciting too, but she couldn't help but feel shy.
The rumbling chuckle that followed her ungraceful flop just made her blush harder, but embarrassment wasn't the emotion which spread warmth through her body when Jared's big hand came down to rest on her butt cheek.  He really did have huge hands!  Just one covered most of her cheek, and it wasn't like she had a small ass.  Her hips, butt and thighs were kind of out of proportion with her slim upper body, but it didn't seem like Jared was complaining as he caressed her.
The warmth spreading through her pooled in her center, making her pussy get even wetter.  Especially when she felt the hard bulge of his cock pressing against her side.  But she wasn't supposed to be this turned on, was she?
"Um, aren't you supposed to be spanking me?" she asked as she squirmed slightly, trying to find a more comfortable position to look over her shoulder at him.  It was hard to without craning her neck.  
Jared gave her butt a light slap, more sound than sensation, but it was enough to make her jump slightly in surprise. 
"Part of a spanking is the waiting... if it's a pleasurable spanking, that's to build your anticipation in a good way, if it's a punishment spanking it's to give you time to think about why you're in this position."
"So which is this?" she asked, even though she knew she'd requested this spanking as a punishment.  She gave up trying to look at him and instead focused on the fabric of his couch and the wood grain next to the rug on his floor, which she could actually look at without hurting her neck.  A shiver went down her spine as he rubbed his hand across her ass, as if readying the whole surface in preparation for what was to come.  The fabric of her panties was much thinner than her jeans, and she was feeling really grateful that she hadn't worn a thong, even if the flimsy underwear wasn't exactly protection.
"Well I'd hate for you to get a bad impression of spankings," he said, sounding amused.  "So let's start with giving you an idea of what a pleasurable spanking is like and then I'll give you a taste of a punishment spanking, since you were a very bad girl today."
The last part of his speech could have sounded corny or sexy, but in Jared's deep tones that didn't contain even a hint of amusement anymore, it sounded kind of scary.  
But she didn't have a whole lot of time to dwell on it because-



  1. Yay teasers!

    By the way I tried a few times signing up for the newsletter in your site and it didn't ever do anything. Like I clicked submit and nothing happened. Weird. And it makes me sad that I missed the big teaser :(

    1. I'm so sorry! I'll let the website designer know. In the meantime, email me at with the email address you would like the newsletter sent to and I will add you manually.

  2. Same here.. pretty much exactly. Tried to sign up, it went to the spinning cursor thing briefly, then back to SIGN UP.

    1. I'm so sorry! I'll going to let the website designer know. In the meantime, email me at with the email address you would like the newsletter sent to and I will add you manually.