Thursday, October 1, 2015

Happy October Teaser!

Happy October!!!!

I adore October.  Partly because Halloween is my second favorite holiday (Christmas being my #1).  Also because, even though I hate scary movies and tv shows (they give me nightmares), and I'm terrified of scary books (I pile stuff on top of them when I'm done reading and leave them on a diff floor of the house so that I can go to sleep at night), there's a very small part of me that kind of likes being creeped out.  Just a little bit though.  And by a little bit, I mean I was worried about watching Scream Queens (which I started watching last night and am loving.).  Fortunately the Supernatural series seems to have helped me become a little bit more hardened when it comes to scary stuff.  Although I'm not ready for American Horror Story yet, even the previews to those give me the heebie jeebies.

I am hard at work on Breaking the Chain and truly enjoying what's going on so far.  Even more enjoying that the characters are working with me for once instead of going off on their own tangents lol.  Hopefully I can stay on schedule!  I'm aiming for a November release... it'll def be out before Christmas but I'd really love to have it out before Thanksgiving if I can!

Anyway, since it's October, to cheer myself up from the grey gloomy rain that the hurricane is causing on the East Coast, I thought I'd tap into my sadist side and torture you all with a very short tease... I love this scene because I feel like Jared is finally coming into his own and I've been waiting to see this happen!

"Can we just be friends for now?"  Leigh cringed almost as soon as the words were out of her mouth.  Ugh, how arrogant did she sound, as if she assumed that he had broken up with Marissa for her!  Assuming that he was telling her because he wanted to try and date her now... again... whatever the hell they'd been doing before Marissa had come back.  Hanging out.
Jared's mouth quirked in a smile, reassuring her.  "Of course."  But then he stepped forward, his focus narrowing, and his eyes were suddenly hot and hungry and so very intent... Leigh felt her thighs clenching, pressing down on her pussy as Jared suddenly, and for the first time, went completely Dom on her.  He leaned down and her heart pounded as she wondered if he might try to kiss her.  Instead, his mouth bypassed her lips and cheek and he whispered in her ear.  "As long as you know I'll be trying to change your mind."
Oh geezus... his deep, velvety voice rumbled through her and she felt her nipples tightening.  For the first time ever, she felt completely off balance around him.  Yes, she'd been attracted to him for a while.  Yes, she loved it when he touched her and seemed to be protective of her.  Yes, she'd thought he was hot.  Yes, some part of her had responded when he'd found out about her high blood sugar and had said he'd spank her if she was his sub and he found out she was risking her health that way.
None of that compared to right now. It was as if some kind of switch had flipped within him, now that he'd sent Marissa on her way and she'd gone.  A switch that had set free a side to him that he hadn't really used with Leigh before.  
Sweet jeebus it was hot.
"Come on, little girl," Jared said as he straightened, before wrapping his arm around her shoulders.  Leigh's nipples throbbed as his hand dangled down near her breast and she had to quell the urge to twist her body so that he'd actually be touching her there.  "Let's get back to the party."
Her knees actually felt shaky as he led her back to the kitchen.
Apparently the party had split up a bit, because the kitchen was full of dominants without a subbie in sight.  Even Olivia was up here, standing and talking with Andrew and Michael.  When she saw Jared and Leigh walking into the room, her grey eyes flashed approval and Leigh stifled the urge to stick out her tongue at the nosy Domme.  Everyone knew that Olivia hated Marissa.  Leigh had a feeling that Olivia would cheer for Jared having sexual relations with an animal before getting back together with his ex.

Slightly relieved to have an excuse to get away from Jared, whose presence she suddenly felt both uneasy and exhilarated by, she scampered downstairs to where the submissives were.  She needed to recover her equilibrium.  Who knew that Jared going all sexy and commanding on her would rock her so badly?  Even being called little girl had made her go squishy inside, and he'd called her that plenty of times before... it was just, somehow different now even if she couldn't put her finger on exactly why.


  1. Ding dong the bitch is gone! Hahaha not like that wasn't inevitable but it's nice to have confirmation. And I am sooooo looking forward to reading that scene.

  2. Man. I'm headed to bed, now I won't be able to sleep. This is what I get for checking your site right before bed. As much as I wanted it longer (much much longer), I'm glad it's not. Thanks for (a tiny) bit more of your awesome writing.

    1. haha sorry not sorry! And yeah, I had to keep it shorter than usual or else give too much other stuff away =)