Monday, August 26, 2013

Angel Recommends: Sex and Violence! (Sort of)

Okay, so you know the whole, 'the fantasy is hotter than the reality thing'?   Yeah, well this fantasy is soooooooooo hot it's sizzling!

Kit Rocha's Beyond series, of which two books are out, are one of the series that I wait for with impatient anticipation.  The first one was so freaking hot and I completely fell in love with Dallas, who is the big bad boss of Sector 3, even though he wasn't the main male character - his best friend Jasper is.

When I saw the trailers for the movie Elysium, it kind of reminded me of these books.

Except that Eden, where the very rich, wealthy and pampered live, is next to the Sectors.  It's a little bit like Hunger Games in that way except that Eden does its best to ignore the outside.  Picture a super conservative, super puritanical haven where no one is allowed to do... well... anything.

The sectors each have their own specialty, allowing their populations to survive.  One is basically a prostitution sector, supplying mistresses to the wealthy men of Eden (since sex is basically taboo there), another focuses on technology, and Sector 4, where Dallas rules, has its hand in all sorts of illegal smuggling and trade of illicit goods.

Sector 4 respects its women, sex is basically a free-for-all, and yet there are some hard and fast rules for monogamous couples who want to claim each other - which they do with a tattoo around the neck.  Everyone is inked, and your ink tells your story and identifies you.  And for someone with a fear of needles, the fact that Rocha manages to make a tattooing scene incredible sexy... that's saying something.

We follow Noelle, daughter of one of Eden's Councilmen who ends up in Sector 4, as she adjusts to her new life, which also gives us the chance to learn all about Sector 4 and Dallas and his gang through her eyes.  Dallas' right hand man, Jasper, is more than a little obsessed with Noelle, but he recognizes the need to go slow with her since she doesn't even know what sex IS much less how to process the amazing sensations that go with it.  Sharing means caring in Sector 4, but both of them realize they want to tattoo each other's necks...

But nothing comes easily.

This book has lots of sex, lots of plot, lots of fantastic danger, and is the most amazing blend of sex and violence.  Sure it glamorizes both things... but who cares?  The fantasy is incredibly hot.  Made me want to run around and find a guy with tats to bring home to hubby and have an orgy with LOL.

Although I don't think any real man could measure up to Dallas *swoon*  And book 2 is all about him and Lexi.  YUM.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the best part... Beyond Shame, book 1, is only 99 cents on the Kindle.

Book 3 is out today and I am so super jealous of this lady who got to read an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review... It looks like it's going to be just as good as the first two and I CAN'T WAIT TO READ IT!!! 


  1. Have you read it yet? HAVE YOU? WELL?! Book 3 was easily my favorite, both for the scorching sex and for the character growth. I love Six. And Bren...oh my god. HAWT.

    1. Not yet, probably going to be spending tomorrow doing that =) I don't know if Six and Bren can live up to Dallas and Leah but I can't wait to find out!

      aaaaaaaaaah I have SUCH a hard-on for Dallas.

    2. Holy crap that was amazing!

      Okay... you're right... Bren and Six are now my favorite LOL. I didn't think that was going to happen!

  2. OOooh thanks, I was looking for a new book to ready while I wait for the next one on a series I love to come out in 10 days... this series looks awesome!!!!!!

    1. It's pretty fantastic, I hope you like it!

    2. Bought it, reading it, cant put it down. I had to tell the world I am gone for a couple of days. Thanks for the recommendation!!!!


    3. Haha you're welcome! I'm loving this series too!l =)