Sunday, August 18, 2013

Marriage Training Ch. 13 and Pinterest Page

And we're only one chapter away from the meeting of Gabriel and Vivian!  Super excited =)

Chapter 13 is now available - for those who have been getting impatient over the slow pace should be happy with this chapter.  It's not as detailed or erotic, because it's kind of a bridge chapter.  We're moving past the training that's been happening and into a new part of the book, with lots of new developments.  I still have detailed sections, but things are moving much faster now =)

And I am SO looking forward to having Gabriel be a part of the training!  I'm working on the scene where they first meet right now and I'm just having an absolute blast. 

For those of you interested, I do have a Marriage Training Pinterest board now, since I'm going to be turning it into a book.  Eventually it will be a Society of Sin board for ALL those books, but for now it's just Marriage Training =) I love the pictures I found for Vivian and the one I found for Gabriel.  Working on finding a better Dr. Monroe one.  I've also been updating the other boards, particularly Stronghold, lately, so if you haven't checked them out for a few days there's definitely some new stuff up =)

Gonna try to get some more writing done today.  WOOT!

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