Friday, August 2, 2013

Submitted and Out

Okay, so the next chapter of Marriage Training was taking me too long to write so I went ahead and submitted only part of what I intended the next chapter to be.  Which means that I'm already about halfway through the next chapter after that, since it was intended to be part of the chapter that I just submitted.  *sigh*  It was going to be one longer chapter, now it's going to be 1 short chapter and 1 decent length chapter.  But I figured people are probably getting tired of waiting.

Things have just been a bit crazy here since we're moving this weekend and I was going a bit crazy trying to finish Dealing With Discipline.  The whole book really made me happy =)  If you've gotten it and have finished it, it would be super awesome of you to leave me a review!!!  Those really do make a big difference for me. 

In the meantime... I'm working on Stronghold and getting the next Marriage Training book out... both of which will probably pick up on speed once we're moved into the new place and have unpacked.  Right now it's a bit stressful.  *sigh*  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. Dealing with discipline was so good- loved the progression of the storylines and characters, I only wish it could have been longer! Looking forward to more + the new storylines hinted at...I don't know if you are into pinterest at all, but it would be interesting to see your perspective on character visuals..for Discipline, Venus/Stronghold, Poker loser..your character description is great but pictures are always yummy! :)

    1. That's a really cool idea! I'll look onto getting into that =)