Thursday, February 27, 2014

Don't Blink

Don't turn your back.

Don't look away.

And don't blink.

And if you already get that reference, you rock my socks.

Gonna get back to that in a second.  One quickie thing before I get to the rambling meat of this blog; I submitted Chapter 4 of From Terra yesterday.  Should be interesting seeing what people think about my transition into a piece that I haven't worked on in eight years.  Chapters for that are going to come out slower because my main focus is on finishing Taken by the Wolf (hoping to get another chapter of that submitted by the end of this week) so that I can then turn my focus to finishing my old stuff.

Okay.  So, why, you might ask, am I referencing Doctor Who?  (Although if you follow my Twitter you already know I'm obsessed).  Well, I was thinking about how I'm kind of a walking advertisement for some things and maybe I should share some of those things on my blog.  People who like my writing might like some of the same things I like right?

Strangely, one of the biggest things I'm a walking advertisement for is my cell phone company.  I've had Verizon for years and I don't know that I will ever go back.  I hated AT&T and Sprint for one simple reason: access.  I can't tell you how many times one of my friends will be like "I don't have service!" and I'll look at my phone and be like "I do.  I told you to get Verizon.  Dumbass."  and they wail "I'm still locked into my contract for another six months!"

But what else?

Doctor Who.  Obviously.  It's silly, it's corny, it's deadly serious, and it's fantasTIC!  If you're even mildly interested, don't try to start at the very beginning (the 1960's first Doctor), go onto Netflix and find the 2005 Doctor Who.  Start there.  The first episode will make you raise your eyebrows and wonder why I'd recommend such a thing because it's quite silly and the CGI is teeeeerrible (it gets better as the seasons go on because they get more money for the budget).  But keep going. The episodes get better.  And by the time you finish the episode with the incredibly creepy kid in a gas mask asking "Are you my mummy?" and you're not into it, then you can stop.

Corset Story -
If you like corsets but you don't really want to spend a lot of money on one, it's really hard to beat Corset Story for a decently made, incredibly priced corset.  Personally, I tend to get mine from local vendors because I like to be more unique, but I've got at least one from Corset Story and you really can't beat them for price and quality, especially the steel-boned ones.

Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness.  At your local supermarket.  In with the other refridgerated fruit drinks.  It's green and I'm pretty sure it's the only thing that's kept me from getting sick the past few months.  I've started drinking a glass daily.

Ballroom dancing.  Seriously.  It's awesome and fun.  You should try it.  And, if you're part of a couple, it will give you something entirely new to argue about.  Seriously.  The arguments are epic.  And then you get back to the class and appeal to the instructor and discover you were both wrong.  Although when I'm right I am soooooooooo right.

Lexi Blake and Cherise Sinclair.  If you like my writing, you will like both of those authors.  Nearly 100% guarantee.  Cuz that's who I'm trying to be when I grow up LOL.  They are the first authors I recommend to readers who contact me asking who they should read while waiting for my next book to come out.  They are also the first authors I recommend to friends and family who have read 50 Shades of Grey and ask me for a recommendation.  Also those who don't ask me for a recommendation but think that 50 Shades was good, and I rant at them for 5 minutes about unresearched writing, terrible writing, etc. and end up demanding that they check out Cherise Sinclair or Lexi Blake.  Although, if you do check out Cherise Sinclair's Masters of the Shadowlands series, the first book of that series is not that great imo, the rest of the series is unbelievably stellar.

So yeah.  Those are some of the things that I like and often recommend to people.  And when I say recommend, I really mean demand / mock for not / insist upon.  LOL.  All of my close friends are becoming Doctor Who converts.  All of them.  Although, admittedly, we all started out as nerds anyway.


  1. haha I love this post!!!!! Corsets: I am sooo into them, but since I am in Brazil, it is a bit difficult to buy from the known brands. I do have a couple of corset makers that I buy from (into my 5th corset now) and LOOOVE them.

    Ballroom Dancing - its definetly on my to do list, though I kind of got hooked into Belly dancing and am going into the Advanced level now. Its awesome and when you arent part of a couple its great to feel sexy and powerful and beautiful all at the same time... aaaand my cramps have lessened some 95% so yeah its good for that too.

    I already have books from Lexi and Cherise and you're right they are great!!!!!

    Thank you for telling me where to start on Doctor Who, the show is only recently becoming popular in Brazil though I'd heard/ watched some of it when I lived in England so at least now I can put some order into my somewhat hap-hazardous watching of it.


    1. I'm a huge corset fan too =) Although I don't wear them except for costumes... but I dress up in costumes a LOT! Belly dancing is def on MY to-do list... but you know... time LOL. I hope you enjoy Doctor Who!

  2. I loath Doctor Who. It represents everything that is wrong with British Engineering today.

    USA makes Star Trek and Stargate that use actual science (and Star Wars that does not) UK makes something that could never be taken seriously.

    Rant over.

    I am eagerly awaiting the conclusion of Taken by the Wolf.

    1. I hate science. And math. And engineering. But hubby's watched all the "science of Doctor Who" specials so I'm sure he could take you on. I couldn't care less =P Although I think it's funny that you're eagerly awaiting Taken by the Wolf where I just make up inventions in my head, no idea how or if they would ever actually be possible, to further my own ideas of how Alex and Bella are to remain captured =D hahahaha.

      Still haven't managed to get into Star Trek.

      I like Doctor Who for the constant exploration of gray areas, the debatable morals, the great writing, quotable lines, hilarious moments, the fantastic actors, and the fact that even when it's depressing as fuck, there's always some happy in there too.

      The original Star Trek amuses me, but it doesn't engage me like the Doctor does. Once I'm done with the Doctor I'm going to try one of the more recent Star Trek series to see if I can get into it and go backwards. I only made it about halfway through the first season of the original series =)

  3. Love the Terra addition!