Friday, July 11, 2014

On His Knees in Four Days

Only four days away from Hilary and Liam's novella!!!  So very excited to share it with you all =)  If you didn't check out my interview (see previous post) and don't follow me on Twitter or Facebook, then here's your first look at the gorgeous cover that RaineyCloud9 (by designer Crystal Raine) did for me! -

I just love her work!  She's also redone the covers for the Domestic Discipline Quartet and the Stronghold cover for me.  My covers are looking so pretty!!!!!!!!!!! Makes me do happy dances.  I feel more like a real author now when I look at my books =)

Soooo what's going on with me?

Well I changed the name of Lexie and Patrick's book to Mastering Lexie.  Most of you probably don't even remember, I had originally titled it Protector, but then I recently decided that it sounded too much like it was going to have lots of action/adventure in it if it was called that.  Because, even though Patrick IS her protector, it's not like she's going to be in danger at any point in the book.  I don't think anyway.  However, she IS going to be hard work for him to take control of =P  I don't have a lot of work done on the book though, because I'm mostly concentrating on Claiming His Wife (Book 4 of DDQ) and finishing Taken by the Wolf.

Taken may end up being another two chapters instead of only one more... we'll see.  Jordan and Trish decided they wanted to take center stage again for a little bit, which worked out because I can show a little bit more of how the Wolf's soldiers can operate on Earth.  There's a lot of story to tell to conclude, but not all of it is sexy, so I've just gotta see how long it ends up being and decide from there!