Sunday, July 27, 2014

Taken by the Wolf - The End

The last chapter of Taken by the Wolf is now up on Literotica.  If you haven't read it yet and you're involved in the series, I suggest you go check it out now and then come back and read the blog after so that I don't accidentally spoil anything for you. =)

Geez... I can't believe I'm done with this series now.  It's my longest one yet!

I got to explore a lot of things that I've been wanting to, including going darker, non-con MM, messing with psychological stuff, medical non-con / torture, etc. etc.  Honestly, when I first started out the series, I thought it was going to go even darker than it actually did.  The Wolf was originally going to be 100% bad guy.
Honestly, I think I ended up being affected by certain events in the news while I was writing this piece.  The whole affluence defense down in Texas, global warming and the overuse of resources, the divide between the 1% and the 99%... I didn't really mean for this piece to get political, but in my head it kind of did.  This is, in my head, a way the future could end up going.  It's a bit of a commentary, but more just where I see things headed.  In a non-con erotic setting lol.
Anyway.  This is one of my few stories that went almost exactly the way I had outlined it, other than the Wolf ending up as a little bit of a Robin Hood type figure (although def not a hero).  I had originally imagined him as a heartless crime lord who was toying with the people from the Moon as a kind of power play.  Turned out, he ended up having a bit of a heart and it got attached to Alex and Bella - albeit in very different ways for each of them and it still wouldn't be what I would call love.  Maybe affection.  
There were a couple other chapters planned out that I ended up not writing, because they didn't totally flow with the story.  Cora and Trace were going to come back and get a night with Bella, doing whatever they wanted to her.  It was probably going to end up being something kind of similar to Contest: Alternate Ending.  Another chapter was going to be another ally of the Wolf coming to visit and doing puppy play with Bella, nothing painful but still humiliating.  Alex and the Wolf were going to watch both scenes and, of course, the Wolf was going to use Alex while that was happening.  There was also going to be another scene with the Moon officials (Ken Sr. at the very least), but the reader reaction to that chapter wasn't as positive, and to be honest, by the time the next scene came up I was feeling ready to be done.  No need to tack on more sex scenes that didn't feel like they flowed naturally with the story.
Trish was always going to stay with Jordan.  Originally because he was never going to let her go.  The story ended up becoming more complex as I explored the culture of both the Moon and the Earth and she ended up choosing to stay.  I'm sure some people will have a problem with that.  That's fine.  Honestly, I'm not sure I understand her choice 100% either.  In some ways, I definitely do. In others... not at all.  But it's what she wanted at the end.  
In my head, Alex and Bella do live happily ever after, albeit with some ups and downs.  I think Alex manages to change his society from the inside out once they reach the new colony.  Feel free to make up your own ending.  I was only interested in their story for as long as they're on Earth with the Wolf.  Honestly, the last chapter ended up being even longer than I'd originally planned, to wrap up what happened with them - originally I was just going to return them to the Moon and end when they got their memories back.  If I ever made this into a book, I'd continue the story line in a second book, but I don't think that's ever going to happen.
So yeah.  This is me, closing the chapter on the Wolf, Alex and Bella.  I hope you enjoyed!  Look for the next chapter of From Terra, coming soon.

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  1. Truly amazing story.

    Thank you.

  2. Loved this story. Much more than I expected. The ending was perfect. Just enough to feel put together without dragging out. Although I wouldn't mind reading more if you ever wanted to revisit the characters. :)


    1. Thanks!!! I'm glad you liked the end =) I don't think I'll ever revisit, but you never know LOL.

  3. LOVED IT!!!!


  4. You must be so proud to have achieved this - congratulations!

  5. Loved it! Thank you!!!