Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Almost Forgot...

So between being busy and being sick, I almost forgot I have a blog! LOL

Bad Angel.

Plus, I've been taking a bit of a break from doing anything mentally taxing now that Claiming His Wife is out.  Of course I've been doing a little bit of writing, but definitely not at the rate I was doing to get that book out on time.  I needed a bit of a mental break.

I have gotten started on Mastering Lexie though.  I'm almost done with the second chapter and it's already more than 15K words.  Woot!  So that's something.  I always have a bit of a slow ramp up before my writing pace really picks up at the beginning of a book.  I think it's because everything's still kind of percolating in my head and the characters are still developing.   The second half of a book always comes out of me MUCH faster than the first half.

Especially this book, because I'm dealing with a cliche subject (best friend's little sister romance) and I don't want it to be cliche.  Or, at least, not too cliche, although some are hard to avoid.  That's one of my big things though, is I'll read books that deal with these kinds of subjects and I get super annoyed about the cliches that are used.  Like, whenever there's a guy who digs his best friend's little sister, she's always super innocent / naive / likely either a virgin or has never been with a guy that actually managed to make her orgasm, and he's always a super experienced player who is trying to resist temptation because he doesn't actually think he's good enough for her and knows his friend also doesn't think he's good enough for her.

So going into Mastering Lexie, I already know that Lexie is not a virgin.  She's had good sex before. She's definitely not innocent although she might be just a little bit naive.  And while she's inexperienced when it comes to BDSM, she has experimented a bit with her previous boyfriends.  Patrick is definitely not a player.  He doesn't flaunt other women in front of her and hurt her feelings / use women to try and replace her.  He's a good guy and he wants a relationship.  He's just not sure he can have one with her, and it's not because he thinks he's not good enough for her.  Although I won't get into the reasons on here, because I don't want to give away too much of the book =)

But yeah.  One of the things that I love about writing is "fixing" the things about other books that bother me LOL.   I want my characters to be realistic.  Andrew's really the only player character that I have, and that's going to cause some trouble for him eventually.  I'm really not into the whole "players are sexy" and the idea that the right woman will make them change.  It'll be interesting.  Personally, I'm looking forward to seeing him get schooled a bit, although that's not going to happen for a while.  But that's a tease to look forward to!

Anyway.  That's what's going on with me!  Fairly immersed in the Stronghold world right now.  I'm also doing a little bit of work on the Marriage Training book.  I might be changing the name of it just to differentiate it from the Lit story.  We'll see.  And I'm working on getting the Venus Rising Quartet edited so that it can be re-released with new covers (thanks to RaineyCloud9 who has done some gorgeous work on them!).


  1. I think the people in your books are very realistic. A sign of a good book for me is when I don't want them to end. I want the story to go on and on. Alas, that does not, could not, happen. But that's how I like to feel when I end a book. I have loved all of your characters and was sad when each book ended. Looking forward to Lexie's story. I'm not really into BDSM but loved this series BECAUSE of your great characters. Just wanted to let you know.

    A Big Fan/Lurker

    1. aww thank you so much! Comments like this mean a lot to me, not just because I want people to be happy with my writing, but because it keeps me motivated to keep writing =) Eventually I'm going to write some stuff that's not BDSM... I just don't know exactly when LOL. But it'll happen!

  2. When I first found your stories, I was looking on lit for obvious reasons. I must admit that now the first time I read each new story of yours, I bookmark the sex scenes and skim through them to make sure nothing major happens within them as far as plot goes, and then I move past them. Your characters are so well written and so realistic that I get sucked into the plot enough that I just can't stop the first time through to properly enjoy the sex scenes. After I finish the book and know what happens, I go back and read through the (wonderfully written) sexy bits separately.

    1. Wow, that's a really amazing compliment! Thank you so much! I should start doing something like that too, because I know I have authors where I get so involved in the story that I can't enjoy the sexy scenes because I'm too caught up in wanting to know what happens next in the story! It's incredible to know that someone else feels the same way about my writing =) Thank you so much!

    2. You should make a list of your favorite stories and authors. After reading your wonderful books, I can only guess that people who could keep you coming back for more would also be excellent writers.

      Also, as a from a previous conversation, I had no idea that regular rubber tipped nipple clamps were so different from clover clamps. I'll look into them.

    3. I'm gonna start trying to post more blogs about my favorite authors and what they write actually =) That was something someone requested when I asked what people wanted to read about. And yeah, I haven't tried clover clamps before, but apparently they're brutal. I'm a little scared.