Friday, October 10, 2014

Re-Vamping Venus


So, I've been getting some help with my earlier books... The Venus Rising Quartet being the major ones at the moment.  A wonderful woman is editing them as I write this, and she's already finished two of them, so I've just gotta go through and make all the changes and get them formatted and then I'm going to slowly start re-releasing them.  I was thinking about trying to do them all at once, but I think it's best if I just get t hem out there as fast as I can.

The other cool thing is that they're going to have new covers!  RaineyCloud9, who has started doing my covers ever since Stronghold, has re-done the Venus covers and they are soooooooo pretty it slays me.  For an example, here's the new cover for The Venus School:

Freaking love it!  So thanks to these two fabulous women, we're going to have some updated / redone Venus Rising Quartet soon.  I'm hoping to get The Venus School uploaded to Amazon by Sunday so that it'll be out as early as Monday.  For those of you who already own it, don't worry, there's no need to repurchase.  I think the new version should be automatically downloaded to your reading device, as long as you have the old version still on there.  If no, then (I know for Amazon) you can delete it from your device, go to the website, go to "Manage Content and Devices," search for The Venus School and re-download it, and that will get you the new version (once it's out).  I'll make an announcement once it's available on all the markets.

I'm also going to be taking this opportunity to get books 3&4 out in paperback =)  Which, again, more formatting.  ACK! lol.  Worth it though.  Once they're all out in paperback, I'll probably hold some kind of contest for getting the autographed set.

Also this weekend, keep an eye out... I submitted Chapter 11 of From Terra last night, so hopefully it'll be out sometime this weekend or early next week =)  No, Lord Plath hasn't returned... yet... but I think the chapter's a lot of fun anyway.  And he'll be back in Ch. 12!


  1. is the content going to change or is it the cover and corrections only. by the way I finished claiming his wife and I loved it, you achieved the perfect mix of a new story and tying up the loose ends of previous stories. I am also glad that she found out that there is a lot more to an adventurous lover than being allowed to be on top. haha. keep up the good work with from terra, the sex scenes with the lizard species I kept imaging the Geico gecko English accent and everything. haha I couldn't help it.

    1. bahahaha, I'm so glad I wasn't picturing that while I wrote the chapter or I wouldn't have been able to stop laughing!!!! =D I'm so glad that you enjoyed Claiming His Wife, I had so much fun with that series =)

      There's not going to be any new content or anything, it's mostly going to be corrections and the cover. There are a few places where I've changed a sentence here or there or elaborated on something that I noticed, but honestly, I'd be shocked if anyone reading through was like "hey, that sentence changed!" .... but then again, I have no idea how often people re-read my stuff LOL.