Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Free Dick!

Unfortunately for those of you who got excited about the title of this blog, this particular dick is now property of Sarah =D

You can download Sarah's Private Dick to your Kindle for free today! Thanks to my (literally HOURS of) effort on Sunday to get it formatted correctly so that everyone could enjoy.

Please take the time to leave a review! They are so very helpful to me and I appreciate it so very much =) (Queen, I love you but you frighten me sometimes how on top of things you are... I feel like I need to create a special award for you or something! Thank you so, so much!!!)

Other good news... I submitted the first chapter of Being the Maid to Literotica last night. Was thrilled to get that in.  Should be interesting to see the reactions since people can get super uptight about it when the woman ends up enjoying herself in the Non-Con/Reluctance category (even though Lit makes it a requirement that the woman find herself enjoying it) and because I've put in some romance overtones. Heh heh... ah well. I enjoyed writing the chapter and I'm looking forward to starting on the next one! I'm pretty much enjoying this story period.

I've also started on the stand alone short story that I'm going to be submitting to the Halloween contest this year. It's been... wow, literally years since I've submitted a story to any of the special contests. I'm going to try my hand at it again. This year I've actually got a pretty fun idea for it so we'll see how it goes ;)

Hopefully today I'll get some more work done on Venus Desiring, I'm about halfway through the first chapter at the moment and going strong.  Btw, I definitely do read all feedback and reviews that you leave, as well as comments to the blog (even if I don't respond back) and I incorporate what you say into my writing. At the moment I'm trying to do a better job of explaining why Liam hasn't been successful at finding a sub and why he's reluctant to try things with a newbie like Hilary because someone wrote to me saying that they didn't quite understand his issues.  It's actually turning into a pretty awesome scene in the book that I hadn't originally planned on, which is always to the good because responding to that kind of thing will hopefully make me a better writer!


  1. Your more the welcome angel, I'm not so much on top of things but in a different time zone so when I read your blog entry in the mornings your books are already up on amazon and I try to leave reviews for all books that I love and I just so happen to love all your stories

    I also had an idle thought as I was sitting re reading your stories you stated back in one of your other blogs that Hilary and Liam we're calling to you while Alison and todd weren't and I think it's coz their story has a sort of closure though we all want to know what happens with Alison's family their happy at the moment living together and starting their life while Hilary has yet to receive any closure she still needs to know how her story ends. So I think it makes sense that you would feel the need to write Venus before poker, but as I said Idle thought I had while re reading

    1. Well I greatly appreciate it!!!

      And I think you're absolutely right about Todd & Allison vs. Liam and Hilary. I have a feeling it's probably going to happen with the next book too although I have started working on Winning Hand, it's definitely not one of my priorities at the moment.