Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Story: Her Best Friend's Dad

So, this is a standalone story that I was working on in between other writings... just to get my head out of the game and think.  I didn't blog about it cuz it was taking me a long time to write since I was only working on it when I needed a break from my main stories.  It's always nice for me to be able to just write about something where I don't have to keep tons of characters straight / remember what I've already written about / etc.

Her Best Friend's Dad was submitted a couple of days ago and came out yesterday... go figure.  Crazy how fast THAT story came out when Marriage Training Ch. 6 took forever! 

At any rate,  Her Best Friend's Dad is about a virgin who auctions off her virginity on the internet and it's bought by her best friend's father.  There's been more than one story on the news in the past couple of years about young women auctioning off their virginity, and the large sums of money that are paid for that.  It's kind of fascinated me and made me wonder about what the motivation might be.  In the most recent case that I saw it seemed more like a way to make a quick buck than anything else because there was some philanthropist who offered the young woman the money / a scholarship / job or some combination thereof (I can't entirely remember) and she decided that she'd prefer to continue with her plan to sell her virginity.

And so I started wondering, what secondary motivation might there be behind the obvious motivation of the quick (and large amount of) money.  So that's where this story came from.

It's not often that the premise of my stories are motivated by real life events so this is kind of a unique one, although obviously it's still a fantasy because I gave my own spin on the motivation of both the seller and the buyer. 

There's a possibility that I might come back to these characters at some later date and continue writing about Cyana's further adventures as she becomes more and more depraved sexually.  Unlike a lot of my other standalones, I feel like I could be convinced to do that.  But first I've gotta finish Marriage Training and then I'd really like to go back to the Being the Maid characters because I think I've got a fairly decent outline plotted out for the much requested story for Samuel... so it's not something that would be happening any time soon.

But if you were wondering about my future plans for Literotica stories, I've been spinning the plot outline for Samuel and he's probably going to be next on the series list.  After that I might do Cyana or I might go back to the Victorian era... I've had a rather interesting request for that time period.  We'll see!  It'll probably depend on how well people respond to Her Best Friend's Dad.

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