Friday, May 17, 2013

Venus is Out - Freebie Day May 18th

Okay... Venus Transcendent is now available on Amazon!

However I couldn't get the promotion together in time for it to be free on Friday unfortunately, so Saturday May 18th will be its freebie day.

Thank you to those of you who have already hunted it down and started buying it... you amaze and flatter me.  Like, seriously... you have no idea how much it thrills me and makes me feel all warm and gooshy inside that people are that darn eager to read my stuff.

Please please please don't forget to leave a review!  They help me tremendously and I read every single one that I get.  Especially since I'm going to be continuing this series (albeit focusing on different characters) with the Stronghold series, it's always good to know what people loved and what they thought needed work. 

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Congratulations on getting it out! I can't wait to read it :D

  2. Loved the 1st 3. Just ordered the 4th and cant wait to read it!

  3. 5 STARS....I only wish that Protector - Patrick & Lexie story was come next instead of Stronghold. Just how the two of them were in this last book. Just a thought.

    1. I totally get what you're saying... but trust me, they're going to get so much worse before they get better LOL. I kinda wanted to put them next but they convinced me that they aren't going to be ready for a couple more books. I can give you a hint though... in Stronghold we're going to meet the two characters who are eventually responsible for Lexie finally getting past the door of the club lobby!