Friday, May 10, 2013

One Chapter Away!

I am one chapter and one epilogue away from completing Venus Transcendent! Soooooooo excited.  I've poured a lot of work into it the past couple of weeks.  The whole catching up with my writing after the crazy busyness at work for the past few months has been kind of brutal.  Obviously I haven't been able to do as much output with Marriage Training while I'm trying to get Venus out in a timely manner.

But soon I'll be back to my usual prolific self with Literotica since I'll be focusing equally on Marriage Training and Dealing with Discipline.  YAY!

Wrapping up the Venus series is an interesting experience for me because I've literally been involved with these characters for close to a year now... and also because their stories are going to continue beyond the series. Unlike the Poker Loser trilogy, I don't plan on ending this series with a wedding, because I don't feel like the characters are there yet.  But the main focus on them has ended, although of course we'll still be seeing plenty of them in the Stronghold series.

Also, I'm now setting myself up on Goodreads thanks to a fan who pointed out to me that I needed to get on there.  Going to be doing that this weekend when I'm not busy apartment hunting, celebrating Mother's Day, seeing a friend from out of town and editing Venus.  Yeah... gonna be a little busy. Which is why my goal is to finish the book today.  Hopefully the one chapter won't morph into two... but either way I'm going to try to finish it up today!


Hope everyone has a good weekend =)

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