Friday, July 12, 2013

A Little Tease & Some Updates

I've got a little Dealing with Discipline teaser, very short... I'm about 4-5 chapters away from being finished with the book which makes me VERY happy.  I can't wait!  Unfortunately I'm going to be away this weekend and won't be able to work on it, but still.... I've gotten a lot of writing done this week on it and on the next chapter of Marriage Training which I'm about halfway through right now. 

Yesterday I submitted a standalone story to Lit so that should be out sometime next week.  I just needed a break from the Victorian characters and was in the mood for something much rougher than what Adam and Angel are currently involved in, so went for the standalone.  It's short.  Things like that only take me about an hour or two of writing and then I can get back into the more involved stories which take me much longer (unfortunately). 

I'm really happy with where everything's going right now though! 

Oh, also, thank you everyone who has voted on my Literotica Nude Day story, Camp Kink!  I greatly appreciate it.  It's now got that happy little red H next to it, so even if I don't place in the competition at least I know I did a good job!  If you haven't voted, and you've got a minute to read, I hope you check it out!  I think it's a pretty good story =)

Anyway, here's the Dealing With Discipline teaser:

The three of them together was more than enough to make the ladies swoon, even without Hugh's angelic looks to complement them.  Lord Brooke cut as dashing a figure as Hugh did, even if he rarely smiled and often looked quite forbidding, Wesley still had the look of a pirate but the ladies seemed to find his tanned skin and lack of fashion to be just as intriguing as Alex's well-tailored clothes, and Edwin's dark good looks were always well presented by the clothing his valet dressed him in.  Still, he had no interest in the fluttering sea of females that they were often surrounded by in the evening and was grateful that he had Eleanor constantly on his arm.  He'd gotten into the habit of glaring at the men who asked her to dance, not because he thought they might have a chance at flirting with his wife - he knew he kept her well satisfied - but because it invariably left him without her as a shield from those amorous ladies of the ton that were not being attended to by Wesley and Alex.  


But there was no point in dwelling on the stresses of the evening when he was at White's, that was the point of the club - a bastion against the women's social whirl.  Currently he was enjoying listening to Wesley read aloud the latest letter from his mother, outlining the various antics of his ward which were giving her much grief. 


"And therefore," Wesley rounded up, his hazel eyes sparkling with good humor as he read, "I despair of ever marrying the wretched girl off.  If you know of any gentleman who is willing to take a wife unseen, I beg of you to increase her dowry to whatever amount will incite him to take her off my hands."


The trio of men howled with laughter.  Although Lord Brooke was only socially acquainted with the Dowager Countess of Spencer, even he knew what ends she must be driven to in order to make such a bald and rude statement.  Edwin was beside himself at hearing of her troubles; she'd managed Wesley and his brothers with an iron fist - albeit a rather kindly one, especially when compared to their father - but this one slip of a miss barely out of the school room had her writing to Wesley twice a week now with complete exasperation and frustration.  The young woman sounded like an unmanageable hoyden. 


"Perhaps you should get yourself to Bath and take the chit in hand," Edwin said grinning.  "But whatever you do, don't bring her back to London.  I've had to blister Eleanor's bottom on a regular enough basis as is, there's no need to introduce her to any more bad influences."


Wesley laughed, but Alex gave a start and looked at him in surprise, the expression looking rather unusual on his stony face.  "Blister her bottom..." he echoed, saying the words as if he was tasting them and was unsure of the flavor.


"My wife has a sad tendency to need some... corrective treatment quite often," Edwin said, not at all ashamed to admit it.  Wesley already knew and there weren't any other gentleman close by enough to hear him speak of his wife in such indelicate terms.  "Part of her father's understanding with me when I married her was that I would provide it."


Looking like he was torn between being appalled and intrigued, Alex leaned forward.  "Are you... are you speaking of..."


Remembering his own amazement when he'd discovered that Eleanor received the same kind of discipline from her father that he had from his own, Edwin grinned.  "Spanking.  Occasionally something harsher if she truly deserves it; I've only birched her once but I know that her father did so on multiple occasions before she was presented."


"We witnessed it," Wesley said with a grin as Alex looked to him confirmation.  There was a bit of shock in the lord's eyes.  "Believe me, Nell richly deserves any discipline that Edwin hands out to her."


"I have spanked her just for the pleasure of it on several occasions," Edwin confessed.  "She enjoys that as much as I do.  Of course she doesn't enjoy the punishments at all, but she's just as eager for conjugal bliss following them as I am."




The expression on Alex's face was one that Edwin had never seen before; indeed, Alex rarely showed very much emotion at all.  Now he looked almost dazed, as if the world had tilted on its axis and he was seeing everything in a new light.


"Don't tell me you've never thought of turning your wife over your knee," Wesley said, his voice filled with amusement.  Immediately Alex's face hardened, and Edwin shot his friend a glance.  As far as he knew Wesley was the only one who dared bring up Lady Brooke to Alex.  As ever, he ignored the warning looks he was receiving from his two friends.  "She certainly deserves it."


Surprisingly, Alex didn't rebuke Wesley.  Instead he looked almost thoughtful, although there was no definite change in his expression.  Just a slight softening around the eyes as he sat quietly.  Edwin could almost hear the gears turning and he wondered if Alex was giving the suggestion serious consideration.  He almost asked what exactly had happened to estrange the couple, but he wasn't quite that close with Alex.   


"Perhaps," Alex said eventually.  "I shall take it under consideration."  Downing the last of the brandy he'd been drinking, he set the glass down on the table and gave his friends a slight smile. From Alex that really just meant a slight upturn of the edges of his lips.  "I must be off.  I shall see you gentleman later."

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