Tuesday, July 30, 2013

False Expectations

Soooo, I got a comment on one of my First Time stories basically cheering how hot it was and saying "I can't wait for my first time..."  and I'm like crap... if that's a girl (it was anonymous so I'm not sure) then I'm definitely setting people up for false expectations.  I mean yeah... sex can sometimes be the way it's described in stories, but it is so often NOT.

My first time was definitely nothing like any of my stories.  It didn't hurt, at all (apparently I had already lost my cherry although I don't know where... possibly to a bicycle), and it mostly felt like pressure down there.  Actually I had to reach down to make sure he was really inside, not because it was small but because it didn't feel ANYTHING like what I thought it would.  Eventually, after a few times, it felt more like stories described but the first few times it was mostly just... pressure.

But, you know, it made him so happy. =P

Books give us unrealistic expectations about love and sex.  So do movies.  I remember when my bestie and I went to see the last Twilight movie (part 1) and there were a couple of teeny-boppers sitting in front of us.  After Bella and Edward finally get it on the next morning she tells him "I can't imagine it ever getting better than that" the entire theater burst out laughing, bestie and me particularly loudly, and the teeny-boppers were looking around like "What? Of course it was magical and amazing!"  Gag me with a spoon.  Yeah, that's so not how it is.  LOL.  I'm pretty sure those teeny-boppers hated us cuz we were mocking a lot of the movie's ridiculousness when it came to "love" (or, you know, creepy, stalkerish obsession which is what Bella and Edward have) and we weren't quiet about it.

Anyway.  So that was my little "oh no" moment this morning... yeah I'm guilty of building up the false expectations too.  But I like to think of my stories as fantasies... I guess I just assumed everyone else did too.  Oops.

Writing wise... I am about 1/3 of the way through the next Marriage Training chapter and since I'm focusing on it I'm hoping to have it finished by the end of this week.  In the evenings I'm working hard on editing Dealing With Discipline which should be out either August 1 or 2 depending one whether I manage to finish and submit it this evening or tomorrow.  I'll let you all know as soon as it's out =)


  1. Are you doing a free day for Dealing With Discipline?

    1. I am not... I did it for other books because they were connected to Literotica and I didn't like the idea of ppl paying for stuff that was connected to a free site, but since the Discipline Quartet is unconnected to it in any way I'm not doing a freebie day.

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