Thursday, July 4, 2013

Nude Day Writing Contest!

Hey everyone!  So my submission for Literotica's Nude Day Contest is now available - it's called Camp Kink.  Thank you SO much to all of you who responded to my blog post requesting ideas... the resulting story is an amalgamation of all of those responses.  It was kind of amazing how many responses all seemed to have similar themes, which was great for me because it made it possible for me to include at least a little something from everyone!  In order to vote, all you have to do is read the story and then indicate the number of stars you think it should get =)

I really had no idea what to write for this contest going in but I'm really happy with the final project.  A lot of people suggested camping/hiking, some suggested a BDSM type camp, someone suggested a couple trying to get their marriage back together, etc.  Of course I liked the BDSM idea but I also knew that not everyone on Lit likes those kinds of stories, so this one is kind of BDSM lite... I wanted to make it enjoyable for everyone, even those who don't normally read BDSM.  Not sure how well I'm going to do with this particular contest, I know my other contest story was easier to relate to, so we'll see!!!

Anyway.  For those of you living in the states with me, Happy Fourth of July!!!!!

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