Thursday, March 27, 2014

In And Out

So this week is particularly busy for me... although after this week things should start to calm down a little (if going by last year's workload was any indication) even though it won't actually get back to completely normal until after April 15.  BAH. 

The good news?  I actually AM getting a little bit of writing done every day, which wasn't happening on a regular basis up until this week.  Right now I'm focusing on getting the next Wolf chapter out to you guys =)  I know that Jordan & Trish were super popular in the last chapter; this chapter is going to have more of them although it won't be from either of the POVs.  But I doubt people will mind.

Someone mentioned to me that they enjoyed having Alex and Bella get a little bit of good.  Well... hope you all liked that.  Kind of the calm before the storm kind of thing.  Things are about to go down the rabbit hole again, I'm planning on going even darker and I guess in the back of my head I felt like they needed a bit of a breather first, and we're not going to be seeing any more light until it's at the end.

But next chapter is going to give some more hints about what's going on =D 

Other than that... I'm just trying to keep  my head above water on very little sleep, lots of work, not enough hubby and friend time, and not enough time to write!

It's soooooooo close to being back to normal life and I can't wait!

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