Monday, August 4, 2014

Entries Are Closed

Okay guys, entries for the prizes are closed!!! The amount of you that entered blows my mind, I think I had more email entries than comments, and that was definitely the most comments I've ever gotten on a post!  It's absolutely thrilling for me to know how many people know and enjoy my work to the extent that you also actually read this blog LOL.

I think I've mentioned before... I suck at technology.  So I've actually gone ahead and written down every single name or nickname that I received and I'm going to put them in a little bowl and actually pull names out of it.  Super old school.  I'm going to do that tonight, have hubby videotape it, and then I'll put it up... hopefully.  If I can figure out how to do that.  I'm really not that old, I swear, I just am not good at all this newfangled stuff.  Kind of sad considering that I just hit 30 last year.

ANYWAY.  The nice thing about this drawing is that it meant I could not pay attention to the blog (and mostly not to writing) this past week and weekend, which freed up a lot of my time, which I needed because hubby and I bought our first house!  And spent last week and weekend moving.  YIKES.  It was a process.  But an awesome and extremely rewarding one.  Once we're settled in, I should be getting back into the writing groove again.

But that brings me to my next thing... which is that I'm behind on writing.  Been pretty busy with all the life stuff.  I'm not sure I'm going to be able to catch up this month either, because we're still unpacking and getting our stuff together and my birthday is this month (So there goes more extra time lol), and August just always seems to be kind of crazy.  Which also means that my book release dates are probably going to be pushed back.  I'm going to do my best, but it's very possible that Claiming His Wife will not be out this month.  However, I am confident that - if that happens - it will be out sometime in September.

So yeah.  Tomorrow look for the video of the drawing!  If not a video, then I will do a very detailed blog with pictures of the drawing.  LOL.


11:10pm - I totally did not get the drawing done.  Life happened. 

Will re-attempt tomorrow.  Should have time.  If so, will upload tomorrow evening.

That is all.


8:23am Wednesday - gonna try to not be a total suckball tonight and get this done.  I swear, I'm writing a reminder across my forehead.  Last night I was too excited about stuff that we picked up for the house and wanted to get it all put together and whatnot... and it took so much longer than we thought it would.


  1. 8:23am Wednesday - gonna try to not be a total suckball tonight and get this done. I swear, I'm writing a reminder across my forehead.


  2. Ditto to Bahahahahaha!
    Moving sucks.
    No worries, your fans will still be here cheering you on!

    1. Moving when you have to sucks.

      Moving to grow and start a new chapter of your life can be very exciting!

  3. When you were talking about a drawing, I envisaged some kind of picture instead, and that you were getting frustrated with your artistic capabilities...must go to bed.