Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My Fetishes

So, I realized that this is something that I occasionally gloss over or mention, but I've never really gone into.  My personal fetishes.  A lot of them crop up in my stories, although sometimes I also write about fetishes that don't actually interest me and sometimes I haven't really written much about my fetishes at all.

#1 is definitely bondage and domination.  I would say, out of all of the characters I've written, Adam and Angel in Stronghold are definitely the closest to having the aspects that I like.  Which, isn't too surprising since they started off being based on Hubby and I, but there are a few differences.  I'm really not into role-play.  It makes me giggle.  I loved writing the scenes for Liam & Hilary, and the brief role-play scene for Adam & Angel, and I found it sexy to write them... but I can't do them IRL. 

Another thing is, I will occasionally get a little dominant myself.  Not very often, but it happens.  I do own a strap-on and I have used it.  Which leads to my next big fetish.

Anal.  Both giving and receiving.  It's more of a fascination than anything else.  Anal-play is just as enjoyable to me as anal sex, in a completely different way.  For one, it doesn't hurt as much.  Sometimes I'm a little more in the mood for a bit of pain than others.  I like feeling the struggle during anal sex, but I also like anal play because it's not really a struggle and it feels good and full and naughty.  I like giving because I like to watch.

I'm definitely a voyeur.  Maybe a little bit of an exhibitionist, but more a voyeur than anything else.  If I was in a room where people were getting it on, I wouldn't be the one looking away or making awkward jokes because I was uncomfortable, or telling them to stop.  Nope.  I'd be the creepy kid sitting in the corner, watching.  I like watching.  Which is probably why I like writing and reading, and why I prefer stories written in the third person.  When I read, I don't read individual words.  I read really fast, because the words come together to make a picture in my head and it's almost like watching a movie - that's how I interpret words.  So, reading for me, creates those pictures and it's like I'm watching two people get it on.  And it's hot.  When I write, it's similar.  There's a movie playing in my head, and I'm just doing my best to write out all the details about what's happening.

Pain... not so much.  I put my characters through so much more than I would enjoy.  But I like watching it happen to them.  I'm probably a bit of a sadist, although really I think it more goes back to the voyeurism thing and just enjoying watching.  But I'm a little bit of a masochist too.  Spankings, nipple clamps (that aren't too mean), floggers... those are all things that turn me on IRL.  A cane or clover clamps would probably send me running.  

I like reading about  age-play, but I'm not sure how I would deal with either of those in real life.  Heh.  Says the woman who still sleeps with her teddy bear.  Anyway.  Sometimes the human cow stories, puppy-play, pony-play stories and bimbofication stories turn me on too, but I think that has more to do with the alpha male characters than anything else.  That and the voyeurism thing again.  

So yeah.  I think that about covers it.  =)  Feel free to ask questions about me/stories at any time!


  1. I had no idea what clover clamps were so I googled them and I would run from them to, looks like something Andrew would be into. BTW have you considered writing a scene with Justin, Chris, & Jessica in that mirrored room in Stronghold. Jessica.'s point of view would be hot

    1. Haha def an Andrew toy! And def NOT mine =D I love the idea of a mirror scene, I will definitely have to work it in somehow!!!! Thank you!

  2. So interesting to read about your fetishes. I believe I'm drawn to your writing, because we share similar interests. And yet it's the differences that keep me coming back. There's a similar core, but the edges are different. I like how you explore those edges whether you enjoy them IRL or not.

    1. Thank you!! The edges are fun for me to explore in writing, sometimes BECAUSE I would never in real life =D I'm glad that you enjoy them too!

  3. I had a whole crazy long comment typed up and ready to post.. and the preview button ate it somehow. We actually bought clover clamps from an online retailer. I had no idea just how painful they were, so I've never managed to get through the initial pain of putting them on to use them. Still looking for something that will actually work for me. He wants me to get my nipples pierced, I told him he had to get his done first. That's not happened yet.

    It's been a while since I've read Angel and Adam's story, but when I was reading it I felt like you put most of my likes in there. THEN I read Rick and Maria's story. It seemed like you got to know me, read my mind, and then wrote about me. Same body type, same insecurities, same general reactions in situations, same fetishes. It was almost scary.

    The one thing I am missing from your writing (granted I've barely made it through a quarter of what you have on Lit, if that) is female dominants. I'm a bit of a switch. Given that, I'm greatly looking forward to Olivia finding her man. I hope she does eventually.

    I so rarely comment. I finally had to tell you how much I enjoy your writing, and now that I've typed this whole thing a second time I'm going to force myself to not chicken out and delete the thing.

    1. aww thank you so much for making the second attempt! Blogger has gotten weird about comments, sometimes it posts the comment fine, other times it deletes it. I've started copying all my comments jic, so that if it deletes it I can just paste =D

      Have you tried regular rubber tipped clamps? The kind with the screws that make them adjustable? Those are what I actually use.

      I'm glad to know that you've found so much in common with the characters!!! I try to make them as realistic and relatable as possible so it feels REALLY good to hear when people find them to be so! I def need more female dominants... I know... I'm looking forward to Olivia's book although I'm also nervous about it because it's not something I'm used to writing. But that's also what makes it fun!

      Thank you so much for taking the time (twice!) to leave me a comment =D have a great weekend!