Thursday, August 7, 2014



I did do a video.  I promise.  And I was even going to post it, even though it was super lame (because I suck at public speaking... hence, the writing thing).  For some reason, Blogger says there was an error every time I tried to upload it... and I didn't want to make you guys wait any longer for the results.

3rd Prize Winners!
(a free e-book of your choice from either my current books, Claiming His Wife,  or Mastering Lexie when they're released)
Lucky Duck
Angela P.
2nd Prize Winner!
(Be a beta reader for either Claiming His Wife or Mastering Lexie)
Michelle (aka Chelle)
***Grand Prize Winner***
(Your choice of prize)
Marie Kade
Thank you so much to everyone who entered, the amount of comments and emails I got was way more than I expected and I'm so glad that people were interested!  In the future I may have more drawings.  This was kind of fun.  Although I'm going to have to get hubby to help me figure out how to do a computer generated random picking or something if too many more people enter their names =) 
Congratulations to the winners!!!!


  1. Congrats guys!!!

  2. I'm half-glad that some-one else also has trouble uploading stuff like videos!

  3. Congratulations to the winners!!!!!!!!

    Hey Angel, talk to Kit Rocha, they do draws all the time, they will know how to do it easily!


  4. Yay! Congrats to all the winners!