Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Before I Go

So, if you haven't picked up your copy of Mastering Lexie, you should do that!  (See previous blog).  The other thing you should do is leave a review... it's all I want for Christmas!  Seriously though, if you like my books, the nicest thing you can do for me is leave a review.  =)  I appreciate each and every one!

I am leaving tonight for vacation, but I'll probably still have internet access while I'm away.  Just in case, though, I've scheduled some blogs to automatically go up while I'm gone.  WOOT!  I've got Twitter & Facebook linked to my phone, so there'll be updates, I'm sure =)  The only thing I might not be able to do is let you all know when the next chapter of From Terra is posted (it was submitted yesterday), so keep an eye out for that!

Have to say... thought I was going to get to take the easy way out.  My initial idea was that Chryssa's brother Jed could be Porluxa's prine, and then Chryssa would show up... happy reunion... nice little tidy bundle.  But then I get the comment "I'm guessing Jed will be Porluxa's prine, but I don't know... that seems too simple for Angel" (okay, not a direct quote, but it's the gist) and I'm like well crap.  I don't mind people guessing what I'm about to do... but this comment was right on the money.  It IS the easy way out.  I do try to avoid that.  So I've come up with something else, and since I'm doing that, I figured I might as well cave to fan pressure and bring back Brik for at least one chapter.  Maybe he'll get his own story eventually too.  He'd be a good match for my Dark Angel pen name.  So.  There were supposed to be two more chapters.  Now there'll be at least three, hopefully not more than four.

I really need to get around to finishing the other two series that I started and never finished and that all of YOU voted I needed to finish.  Don't know if anyone remembers, but the original goal was that I finish them this year... sooooooooooo obviously that's not going to happen.  But I should be able to finish Tomboy Tease and Home-schooled during 2015.

Ah, also, people have been asking about Broken, which will be the second novella for Stronghold.  There won't be a novella in between every book, but this one is a kind of prequel for the fourth book, Breaking the Chain.  I've talked (a long time ago) about the order of upcoming books, but there is a definite clue for what's coming up in the epilogue of Mastering Lexie.  ;)  I'm pretty excited about it.  Considering fan comments about the characters during previous books, I have a feeling others will be too.

So that's it... enjoy Mastering Lexie.  Please leave a review for it if you have a minute.  Look for the next chapter of From Terra.  And I hope you enjoy the scheduled blogs while I'm away! Happy Holidays!


  1. Really enjoyed ML and think everyone here will too.

    Have a safe trip and happy holidays!

  2. Just bought it and am going to try to save it to read Christmas weekend as a special treat. I doubt I have the fortitude to make myself wait though!

    1. LOL well, whenever you do read it, I hope you enjoy it! =)