Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Original Stronghold Outline

So, I've talked in blogs about how my outlines change... it's usually due to character developments or a new revelation about the characters or plot while I'm writing, sometimes it's due to a bossy Dom....  I don't usually keep the first draft of my outlines, but I figured for Mastering Lexie I would.  Just in case anyone's interested in seeing how much the story changed from the original idea to the final product.

If you haven't read Mastering Lexie yet, you may want to do that first... or you may enjoy reading this outline first and then seeing how the book changed as it was written.  Up to you.  =)

Here's the original outline... which, looking at it, a LOT has changed since I wrote it.  In fact, it's practically a different book.  LOL.  So yeah... I always start off with an idea of what I want to have happen, but man does that idea change substantially as I'm actually writing about it.  There are bits and pieces you might recognize, but overall... totally different book.   Even the epilogue changed because I decided to postpone Andrew's book and have Jared's come first!

Mastering Lexie (the original outline):

- Lexie is Jake's little sister - Patrick refuses to let her play, only allows her to work.  Recently started letting her around the club but only to look - scares away any Doms who approach her.  Patrick wants a slave (never had one).

- Lexie tries coming onto him - he gives some orders and she submits, which turns him on more than he's willing to admit, but it doesn't stop her mouth - tells her she's not what he wants in a sub.  Hurts her.

- Talks more with Angel, who tells Michael that Lexie would like to show him around club - explains situation.  He's a very strong Dom, amused, he agrees.

- Lexie puts on special outfit for first tie in club - Michael makes it special, uses hands and mouth.  Patrick and others try to interfere when they first show up but subs, Olivia and Michael prevail.

- Patrick confronts Lexie the next day when she comes in to work, tells her that she doesn't have enough experience to know what she's getting into with Michael, she says then you do it, he agrees to train her but only at the club.

- Lexie has girls night with Angel & Leigh - bond.  Leigh and her boyfriend are drifting again.  Lexie says they should start a support group.  Everything is good with Adam and Angel.

- Patrick distracted from work by lustful thoughts of Lexie, esp after intense scene.  Feels guilt over Jake.  Hangs out with Andrew - talk about women / the couples / Jared & Marissa who just came home.

- They have another intense scene - Patrick mastrubates afterwards.  Michael does scene with Ellie.

- Leigh and her boyfriend break-up. Lexie goes to help Angel, canceling a scene with Patrick who realizes he's disappointed and grouchy because of that.  Heart to heart with Justin at Stronghold while Chris dances with Jessica.

- Very intense scene next time Lexie comes in; she basically jumps him at the end and he loses control, they have sex.  Super guilt over his lack of control and taking advantage of his friend's sister.

- Adam / Michael ushering Angel, Leigh and Lexie around club, Leigh was curious.  Lexie quits her job.  Patrick's upset - avoids her at the club.

- Jake comes home - Lexie upset, admits what happened.  Jake asks Patrick why he won't be with Lexie, Patrick suprrised at support, goes to Lexie but she's mad he didn't fight for her in the first place.

- at club she's talking with other Doms, he decides to fight for her, leads to hot scene.

Epi - Katherine comes home and her new bf wants to take her to Stronghold.


  1. I knew it!! Andrew ends up back with Katherine. After the hints about Michael and Ellie, how important Kate was to Andrew's sister, and how Kate had apparently tried to accommodate Andrew's kinks but had gotten scared ... Yeah I liked where that math was heading.

    Hope you have a great vacation girl, then get back home and get to writing. :p

    1. LOL the numbers start to add up... I thought about not including the epilogue from the original outline, because I know it's a spoiler, but I figured it doesn't really spoil too much and allows people to get excited =)

  2. I have to ask, how old was this outline.


      I wrote all the outlines for the Stronghold books at the same time, so this was plotted out before I ever wrote Stronghold!

  3. like the new book a lot better than outline. disappointed Jared get a novella not a whole book.

    1. The novella is on Leigh (Broken). Jared book is after that (Breaking the Chain).

    2. thanks for the info. feel better now, Lexie might get her wish afterall.