Monday, December 15, 2014

From Terra Ch. 17 & Guess What?

Hey look!  I'm back to writing free stories!! LOL

Chapter 17 of From Terra is now up on Literotica =)  I'm excited to be back in the business LOL. Hopefully I'll be able to get another chapter submitted before I leave for vacation, because I'm not sure how much writing I'll be able to get done while I'm out of town.

For those of you (im)patiently waiting for Mastering Lexie, you'll be thrilled to know that it was submitted last night =)  There's a good chance it will be out and available today!  So keep an eye out for that.  Of course, I'll be updating the blog by tomorrow with the links, if it is.  WOOT!  I'm pretty darn happy with it overall.  It went shooting off in directions that were unexpected at times, but I think that it ended up being way better than the original outline.

Speaking of which, I've got a blog scheduled for next week when I'm on vacation where I'm going to share the original outline with you all, in case you're interested in seeing how very different it is from the final product.  Cuz uh... it's WAY different. 

So yeah, that's what's going on!  Enjoy the free chapter while you're waiting for ML to hurry up and come out =)

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  1. It is out! Thank you soooooo much! Time for a big glass of wine and a night with Patrick! :-D