Wednesday, December 3, 2014

FREE Stronghold Short Story!

So, as a Christmas present, the authors of Yellow Silk Dreams have banded together and produced a kind of magazine with short stories / articles from all of us.  I contributed a short written especially for the article.  You may remember a chat that Liam had with a masochist named Gina in Venus Aspiring; well she's been playing regularly with Master Will since then and all she wants for Christmas is him... but does he want her?  I also include a few little small glimpses into the other Stronghold characters, as well as a total spoiler about how Patrick & Lexie's book ends (you know... if you're questioning whether they end up together or not ;) lol

If you want the free Stronghold story and to check out some other YSD authors for free, just click here.

Honestly... it's kind of silly not to.  I mean, it's free.  Plus, Jackie, our fearless leader, went to all the trouble of making it available in several different formats so that you can read it on your Kindle or computer or whatever device you prefer =)

Also, since it's part of a free download and not available anywhere else, leave a comment here on my blog, on twitter or facebook to let me know what you thought of the story!  I'd love to hear any feedback on it and whether I should do more little shorts about the side characters like it!

In other news... I'm working my ass off on Mastering Lexie still.  I'm not getting anything done on anything else.  But it's going good!

Aaaaaand it's very likely that it will be out before December 20, because I just realized that I'm leaving town on December 17 and the whole hassle of trying to get everything together and submitted using a hotel's crappy internet just does not sound appealing, so I'm going to do my best to get it done before I leave.  Woot!


  1. I am so excited to read it! I just finished rereading Taming The Tease and On His Knees again, and I was so longing for more...

  2. I loved the short n would definitely look forward to others. I'm especially curious about Angel's guys! That's if they r not getting their own novels ;) which would b great too!

    1. Ooo love the suggestion! I've had somewhat unclear ideas on stories I could do for them, but none of the ideas were enough even for a novella =) I might do a bundle of short shorts for the side characters. Love it! Thank you!

    2. maybe Olivia and Q could do an inductory scene she has the hots for him. by the way had trouble opening the newsletter via mobile for kindle just showed up scrambled so I picked pdf instead and it opened just fine on the kindle

    3. I thought it would b interesting if one of them met a sub or domme through the final of a self defense class..

    4. Kat - glad you got it eventually! iiiinteresting idea. I've had a couple of people mention Olivia and Q, but unfortunately for her, he actually has no interest in submission LOL. Might be interesting to see if she could talk him into trying, just for a scene though...

      and I'll let the self-defense class idea percolate in my brain and see what comes out of that... =D