Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Something Free for Christmas!

Amanda Byrne, who's a wonderfully talented author, has a free book out if you want to try her writing! (At the time this blog was scheduled, she told me that she was still waiting for Amazon to price match... hopefully today, the day this blog actually is posted, it's all taken care of.  Otherwise, use the KOBO link to download it if you don't have a Nook =)

An accident forces Lila into physical therapy - and onto Dean's massage table. Under his talented hands, her injuries start to heal, and sparks a desire that neither one can ignore.
A 6,700 word erotic short story

Download it here: AMZ | BN | Kobo

Finally she couldn’t stand it anymore and, one day, when their session was coming to an end, she caught his wrists to still him. Seeing she had his attention, she stretched up, placed her hands on either side of his head, and drew him down to kiss him.

It was awkward and not nearly as sexy as it looked in the first Spiderman movie. But there was a sweetness to it she hadn’t anticipated. Wanting more, she shifted onto her stomach and arched up, not paying attention to where the sheet was going.

Now she had a good angle. Now she could slip her tongue between his lips, swallow his moan as his hands dove into her hair, tongue dueling with hers. A kiss she’d intended to be cautious and testing spun out of control, and she tried to drag him closer.

Mmph. Perfect. His mouth was perfect, and just as skillful as his hands. Long, firm strokes into her mouth with his tongue, backing off to nibble at her lips, tiny kisses at the corners until she went after him, greedy for more. Wet, hot, and delicious. That was Dean’s kisses.          

Oh. He moved on without prompting to her jaw, nibbling, sucking, licking his way over the delicate line, making her gasp as he suckled the spot under her ear. A spot. Her spot, the one that revved her faster than any other. Especially when he combined it with-

He jerked away, his hand still on her breast, ready to squeeze again. No. It had been good, fantastic, he’d been into it, she knew it, he couldn’t stop now. Fuck waiting until she was done with rehab. “Dean?” she whispered.

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