Monday, March 9, 2015

Angel's Reading: Lexi Graves Mysteries

So, I've recently gotten onto this major kick of a certain kind of book.

They're all written in first person, have at least one (often two) alpha males, and a sassy and quirky heroine who becomes an amateur sleuth, trying to solve mysteries that are happening around her.  I can't even tell you how many of these I've read in the past month or so, but so far my favorite is Camilla Chafer's Lexi Graves Mystery series.  The first book, Armed and Fabulous is free on Amazon, so it's almost silly not to check it out. I enjoyed it so much that I ended up buying the Omnibus, which is the first three books, and then the second Omnibus, which is the next three and then the seventh book and I am eagerly anticipating the eighth.

I think the reason Lexi might be my favorite is because she's not just strong, smart and funny, but because (unlike a lot of other books in this genre) she actually becomes a private detective, rather than being a regular citizen who's interfering with her boyfriend's investigations (which is what happens in a lot of other series).  The interplay between her and the alpha men in her life is just freaking delightful, I love that she doesn't ever back down from what she believes in, and that she doesn't put up with shit that I wouldn't put up with.  I never want to smack her on the back of her head for letting a man walk all over her, no matter how much she "loves" him... she has a line, and if you cross it, you don't get to just apologize, say the L word and have everything be all better.

The men in the books are delightful.  Not just her men, but also her family members... she's related to half the police force in her town, either brothers, uncles or cousins, and it's hilarious as they all try to do the alpha male thing around her, while also helping her, while also protecting her... lol.  It's pretty fantastic.

So I've been reading a lot of these lately... I've also been doing Amanda M. Lee's Avery Shaw Mysteries and Wicked Witches of the Midwest, Jana DeLeon's Miss Fortune Mysteries and Ghost-in-Law Mysteries, and pretty much any that I can get my hands on for cheap or free (yay Kindle Unlimited!... I've gotten SO MANY of them through that program... I swear, Amazon is losing money on me).

But I haven't just been reading, I promise.  This past week I finished my Dark Angel novella, Hathor: Milking Meggie, which will be out later this month.  I'll be posting a teaser for it soon =)  I'm also hard at work on Marriage Training; I'm excited to be able to put more of my focus onto Pieces of Stronghold (new name for the novella, since Broken no longer fits); and I'm about halfway through the next chapter of Homeschooled for Lit.  I don't have as much time to write as I would like, but there is progress being made!


  1. Hi Angel,
    Thanks for the good news!!!! I really am looking forward to the Hathor novella yupi :) !
    Hugs and kisses

  2. **Spoiler Alert**
    Angel, I just finished reading 'Armed and Fab' and really enjoyed it - thanks! -but as I'm reading the 'dust flaps' for the rest of the series on Amazon, I am feeling a little disappointed because I really enjoyed Maddox, and apparently that situation doesn't end well! Sigh... am I going to fall for Solomon too?? I am feeling a bit torn about continuing the series already! Sigh... thoughts? Advice?

    PS, I know it isn't a book, but have you seen the Ms. Fisher Mysteries yet (on Netflix)? 1920's sexually liberated-flapper girl-detective. I love it, worth a watch (well, I think so... ha!). Between Lexington Graves and Dr. Who, you might like it!

    Anyway, thanks for the great recommendations, and I can hardly wait for your new publications to arrive (although I enjoy reading other books, yours are always at the top of my cue)!

    Ack, one last PS - I love that you are adding more kink to your stories, and am looking forward to the Pleasure Planets series! Have you checked out KD Grace's Petshop novel yet? Omg, totally different type of kink, but one of my favorite naughty books! KD's alter ego, Grace Marshall, also writes a really great 'Executive Decision' Trilogy. Fun reads with strong female characters! Thanks again!


    1. I felt the EXACT same way as you about the love triangle... and I have to say, I'm totally on board with where it ended up going once I kept reading. She did a great job with handling it, I think, and in a lot of ways, I found it much more realistic than other books where the main love interest does something shitty and then still gets to keep the girl.

      I have not seen the Ms. Fisher Mysteries, I may have to check them out in my free time... whenever that is LOL. I'll def add them to my queue =) Thanks!

      Petshop sounds familiar, but I'm not sure I've checked out that specific one. I'm def reading more fetish books to help get a handle on what other people are writing, so I will def have to check that one out if I haven't already! Thanks again!