Friday, March 20, 2015

Hathor: Milking Meggie Final Teaser

Hoping to finish editing Hathor: Milking Meggie this weekend and submit it to Amazon =)  It'll come out under my Dark Angel penname and will be the first book in the Planets Apart series.  I've decided to make it a series rather than just a quartet so that I can return to the planets and play with other characters... brought on by the fact that Hathor has two side characters that I think definitely need their own story.

At any rate, here's another little glimpse into Hathor... hopefully my next blogpost will be announcing that it's ready for purchase!

The warm water that Matt was using to hose Meggie down felt wonderful.  He'd taken her over to a small, tiled area that was obviously used for this express purpose, going by the drain in the middle.  It wasn't quite like taking a shower, but Meggie didn't mind.  She didn't even mind the obvious enjoyment that Matt was getting from looking at her wet, naked body.  

Although, she was a bit startled when he turned off the water and approached her, soap in hand, and started to scrub her down himself.  She reached for the soap, and got a sharp smack on the ass instead.  There was definitely a theme to how the men administered discipline.

"Hold still, Meggie, and let me wash you," Matt said firmly.  Even though he was younger than Leo and didn't have the same dominating air, Meggie didn't make the mistake of thinking that she could get away with disobedience.  Looking up, she saw Cassie coming towards them, being led on a leash by an older man.  Blushing furiously, Meggie looked up at the sky, trying not to think about how Matt's hands were caressing her body, soaping her down.  It got a lot harder when he reached her breasts, which were still incredibly sensitive from the machine.

The man leading Cassie quickly had her in the same position Meggie was.  The two men chatted back and forth, laughing and joking, and if it wasn't for the bulge in Matt's pants, Meggie would have thought that he was entirely oblivious to the fact that his hands were all over her.  Glancing over, she saw that the other man, Chad, didn't seem to have the same problem.  Then again, he was older, with salt and pepper hair and quick sure hands as he soaped Cassie down.  The petite brunette had her eyes closed and a small smile on her lips, like she was enjoying the experience of being bathed.

Meggie tried to find that same relaxed pose, but it was hard to ignore the fact that a strange man had his hands all over her, even if he wasn't touching her in a way that was blatantly sexual.  Even though she'd just met Leo, somehow she didn't feel the same comfort level with Matt.  She wished that Leo was the one washing her down, but then again, he and Brandon were obviously the men in charge.  Why would they partake in a silly little task like washing her and Cassie?

Hosing her off again, Matt washed all the suds from  her body.  Meggie shivered as the water pressure pounded against her pussy and clit, making the sensitive areas flare with sensation.  Unfortunately, Matt moved the hose on before she could do more than become aroused.  Then he dried her off with a towel, rubbing it briskly over her body.  Meggie's breasts were starting to ache again, the towel feeling almost like rough sandpaper over her poor nipples and making her wince.

It seemed like her mind was revolving around sex and her breasts more than anything else, ever since the serum.  Actually, it was kind of a relief, because it meant she wasn't constantly going over her past mistakes in her mind, wallowing in her guilt.  

"Keep still," Matt said, pulling a little tube of something from his pocket and putting it on his fingers.  "This is going to help your nipples from getting too chafed."

Meggie sighed with relief as he began rubbing the ointment into her nipples.  It was cool and slightly tingly, and immediately her nipples started to feel better.  Less sore and less burning.  She moaned as Matt massaged her nipples, arching her back and thrusting her breasts forward.  Apparently it didn't matter that she didn't have the same emotional connection with him as she had with Leo, her body still responded.  It felt so good to have her sore nipples soothed, and her pussy warmed in response as the pleasurable massage sent tendrils of arousal curling through her.

"Don't enjoy yourself too much, boy," Chad said, sounding amused, but there was a note of true warning in his voice.

Matt sighed, releasing Meggie's nipples, and she whimpered a bit in disappointment as her pleasure was stymied.  Looking over, she saw that Chad was putting ointment on Cassie's nipples as well, but, unlike Matt, he did it with indifference.  Cassie, however, was having a similar reaction to Meggie.

"Alright," Chad said, putting his hands down, much to Cassie's obvious disappointment.  "Let's get these two beauties fed and settled in for the night."

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