Monday, March 16, 2015

Hathor: Milking Meggie Teaser

Okay... so I'm planning on submitting Hathor: Milking Meggie by Dark Angel to Amazon this upcoming weekend =)  YAY!  I've been getting good feedback by some awesome people who have been kind enough to read it, despite the fact that it isn't really their kink, but they tell me they enjoyed it anyway (hopefully they're not lying ;) lol).  I'm excited to share it, since it's my first Dark Angel novella that has nothing to do with anything I've written for Literotica. Woot!

So, until this weekend, here's another teaser to hopefully pique your interest:

Sun warmed Meggie's skin, making her feel lazy and peaceful.  She practically dozing next to the shade, where most of the others were all laying or sitting and chatting.  Cassie was the only other holdout, also basking in the warmth.  Not too surprising since they were both the most recently off- ship.
The women - hucows - in the shade next to them were all friendly and welcoming.  Meggie had glimpsed Lily at one point; the brunette gave her an unfriendly look before trotting off with several other cows to a different portion of the field.  It was a relief that she wasn't with the group that seemed to have adopted Meggie and Cassie.  Then again, since the group included both Suzy and Rhonda, Meggie supposed she couldn't be too surprised about that.  It was obvious that neither of those women liked Lily at all. 
Meggie knew that part of the reason the others were interested in her was because of Leo's interest in her.  They all asked questions, some more obvious than others about their curiosity, but mostly they seemed happy to speculate.  After all, it wasn't like Meggie could give them any real information.  She had no idea why Leo had stayed to initiate her into being milked, or why he'd returned this morning.  
At first she'd been worried that the others would turn on her if, in fact, Leo didn't end up choosing her as his pet, like they were all excitedly theorizing, but Rhonda had reassured her that they just liked having something new to talk about.  Whenever something unusual happened on the farm, it became the main topic of conversation for days.  Meggie could understand that, especially once the conversations moved on to areas that had obviously been discussed to death.
She learned quite a lot though, listening to them.
Apparently the friendly blonde, Wendy, was eventually going to be the personal pet of Vince, once he was in a position high enough to merit one.  In the meantime, none of the other grooms on the farm treated her as though she was a pet, and Vince never mounted any of the other cows.  Wendy's eyes sparkled when the conversation turned to him, obviously happily in love with her future owner.  Meggie was rather fascinated by the whole thing, and she had a feeling that Cassie was too, even though the petite brunette had her eyes closed and almost seemed asleep.  The position of personal pet seemed almost sancrosanct, although Rhonda said that it all depended on the owner and pet in question.  
Meggie was also fascinated to find out that, while a pet only ever had sexual relations with her owner, being milked, fondled and washed were not considered off-limits.  Which might explain why Leo had handed her off to Matt to be washed last night, and then to Vince this morning.  
It was a bit of an adjustment for her head to make.
"What about Chad?" One of the hucows asked, giggling, nudging Rhonda.  
The older woman raised her eyebrow with a cool expression, but two little spots of pink appeared in her cheeks.  "What about him?"
"I heard he's planning his retirement to time with yours," the younger woman teased.  
Rhonda shrugged, but those two spots of pink turned brighter.  From the ensuing banter, it became clear that Rhonda was a favorite of Chad's.  He'd return to her time after time and was often the one to handle her.  While there was no clear claim, like with Vince and Wendy, the others were obviously tickled by the idea that Rhonda and Chad might end up a couple after her time was served. 
So it seemed there were quite a few different ways that a cow could, eventually, end up in an actual kind of relationship, Meggie mused.  Of course, the hucows didn't have any control over who milked and mounted them, unless they were asked to become a pet and then their only power was to decline, but affection was possible on both sides of the fence.  Meggie appreciated that.  Despite the fact that she probably deserved it, the idea of spending her entire life without a drop of affection just seemed so cold and lonely that it made her ache inside.
Besides, just living here was supposed to be her punishment.  Although, as soon as she had the thought, she felt a twinge of guilt again.  Why should she have the opportunity to find happiness within her prison sentence?  
Sighing, she closed her eyes, soaking up more of the sun's warmth and trying to separate herself from her thoughts.  Right now, all she wanted to be was a mindless cow, lying in the sun.
By the end of the afternoon, Meggie was having no trouble feeling mindless.  Unfortunately, the reason for her uncomplicated thoughts was because her focus was on two things - her swollen, aching breasts and her dripping pussy.  
It had been a slow build-up throughout the day, so slowly that she hadn't even noticed it at first, but now she could barely contain herself.  If the pads covering her hands had been of a softer material, she might have tried rubbing herself, not caring that she was out in the open where anyone could see. 
"Not long now," Wendy murmured sympathetically, glancing at the progress of the sun through the sky.  She winced a bit as her own breasts swayed.  It was obvious that they were swollen with milk, aching from the pressure, just like Meggie's own.
"How do you stand this?" Meggie asked, rubbing her thighs together and clenching her ass around the plug in it.  She'd had it removed for a very short time that afternoon, when she'd gone to find one of the grooms and mooed at him under Rhonda's direction.  That was the only way to go to the bathroom without the tail.  Which had been humiliating, especially after when she was bent over and given a squirt of water up her bottom to clean her out, and then the tail reinserted once she'd expelled it.  
Efficient though.
"You get used to it.  Sort of," Wendy said.  "Let's head to the fence.  You don't want them to have to come out here and get us.  Unless you like being spanked."
Cassie looked like she was considering it, but Meggie followed Wendy and the others as they got up and moved together.  Just like a real herd.  Glancing over her shoulder, she saw that Cassie had decided to come too, but she wouldn't be surprised if one day the other woman did make the grooms come chase her.  Just because.
However, today she and Meggie were both too sore, too aroused, and unused to the overwhelming sensations to balk.  Just crawling to the gate made everything worse because of the way her breasts dangled and swayed, the plug jostling inside her clenching ass, and her sensitive pussy lips rubbing together.  The smell of feminine musk was heavy around all of them, but the more experienced cows were handling it better.
Seeing Leo standing at the gate, his dark eyes scanning over the herd, made Meggie's chest tighten even further.  As if she needed more stimulation there.  
A thread of envy slid through her stomach as she saw Lily prance in front of him, obviously posing and posturing for his attention, showing off her huge breasts to her best advantage.  Leo smiled at her and Meggie dropped her gaze away, not wanting to look, knowing that she didn't have any real reason to feel jealous.  Not that logic helped her at all.  The overwhelming need for climax as almost a relief, because her body certainly didn't care who her pleasure came from, as long as she got it.  
"Ooo, you lucky girl, here he comes!"  A hucow next to her bumped Meggie's shoulder.  Meggie was pretty sure that the woman's name was Daisy, although they hadn't talked much during the day, Daisy had definitely been in the center of gossip.
Lifting her head up again, Meggie felt her heart begin to pound as she saw Leo heading right towards her.  Her eyes widened as he reached down to clip his lead to the collar around her neck.  
There was the slightest hint of a five o'clock shadow on his face, and his white collared shirt was unbuttoned at the top, making him look quite attractively casual.  The casual, arrogant dominance that always sounded him had her pulse pounding as her pussy clenched at the sight of him.  
Oh please, let him be here for her and not just to guide her to the milking barn... 
The thought flitted through her head, for once not accompanied by guilt or the knowledge that she didn't deserve it.  Her body's desires and needs had taken over her mind, all she cared about was that she wanted him... specifically him.  Her body was clamoring with arousal, and any man could have quenched her needs, but she had an emotional response to him that made her feel especially needy. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Lily glaring daggers at her, but she didn't have it in herself to care.
"Come on, Meggie," he said, his dark eyes glittering with a hunger that was matched by her response.  "I'm sure your teats are sore by now."
Meggie brushed her head against his thigh, knowing that she couldn't speak and yet wanting to acknowledge his words anyway.  His hand came down to stroke her hair in a kind of caress before he turned and started walking, his gait slow enough that she could keep up with him on all fours  Still, they were moving faster than she had on her own, and she had to stifle the whimpers that rose in her throat.  Her breasts felt fuller and heavier than ever, their swaying movement painfully uncomfortable.  Even so, her pussy was leaking copiously, making her thighs slick as they rubbed together quickly enough that she started to become worried she'd climax as she crawled next to him.  
God she couldn't wait to be hooked up to the machine.


  1. My husband is going to give me some weird looks the next time he pokes through my kindle after I get this. Have I missed what the cover will look like? I can only imagine.

    1. No cover yet, because for Dark Angel I used the Amazon cover creator rather than RaineyCloud (esp since she's going to be retiring soon *sob*)... it's basically just boobs. LOL.

      And yeah... my husband has been giving me some weird looks ever since I told him what I was working on =P

    2. Oh man. If it's just boobs, my husband may totally disregard anything that I say it's about and read it anyway. He's an absolute total boob man. Literally when I first talked with his mother (on the phone) she goes "So, I assume you're quite well endowed for my son to be interested enough in you to have us talk on the phone." Luckily for me he had prepared me for this, so he just laughed at my expression and said I told you so.

      Yay boobs! I'll miss RaineyCloud's covers, they are absolutely beautiful.

    3. Yeah me too... but at least she's doing the next two Stronghold covers for me before she goes! Super grateful for that =)

      Heh heh... your mother-in-law sounds awesome... mind if I use that in a story sometime?